Happy Anniversary!

©Aryana B. Londir “Around and Around We Go”

Yes, happy anniversary. It has been one year to the day that I last published an article here. A year, another cycle around the sun. Earth orbits the Sun at an average distance of 149.60 million km (92.96 million mi), and one complete orbit takes 365.256 days (1 sidereal year), during which time Earth has traveled 940 million km (584 million mi) Thank you, Wikipedia!

Last year at this time, I was contemplating a move out of the United States. I had simply decided to change it up, create a new life, a new experience, a new adventure…

“How is that OK?”©Aryana B. Londir, Digital Photography https://aryanalondir.com

In my last post, I wrote about the concept of allowing…allowing for new experiences, allowing for vulnerability, allowing for the opportunity to face a new world in a place in which I don’t speak the language, know how to convert money, know a lot about the culture, know a lot about the demographics, know about how to even get around. And I was going to put myself in that situation for thirty days. What’s the worst that can happen?

Today is my seventh day of what was supposed to be a thirty day adventure. Yes, what was “supposed to be,”…

“What Do You Choose To See?” ©Aryana B. Londir, Digital Photography https://aryanalondir.com/


Because perspective changes so easily, so often...why not allow yourself the luxury of allowing?

I am about to embark upon a journey that simultaneously scares the shit out of me and excites me to my core. A month long adventure, to a country in which I don’t speak the language, don’t know much about the culture or its inner workings, its architecture or foundation.

So, why? I choose this freely to help me understand the world, how it works outside of my comfort zone (and believe me, I have created a lovely little world with all the comforts I…

“Lips,””©Aryana B. Londir, Digital Photography https://aryanalondir.com/


Well, that was easy…got your attention with just three letters. Those three letters, combined together in that order, have pretty much as much power as the three words that make us shudder saying…I love you.

Many require love to have sex. Many don’t. Why is it such a push and pull thing…why can’t they be mutually exclusive AND enjoyable?

Hmmmm…studies have proven that sex is a natural and healthy exploration of ones being. Yet, many choose celibacy. Maybe it’s really not a choice. Maybe, in the case of married people who don’t have sex any longer,they just don’t like…

“Big Signs,” ©Aryana B. Londir, Digital Photography https://aryanalondir.com/

What Would You Do?

A few weeks ago, I decided to stop at my favorite restaurant on the way home for dinner. As I was dining solo, I sat at the bar as I often do. It’s a really nice way to dine, perhaps have a conversation or two and meet new people without feeling any obligation.

That evening was very busy at the bar, as is often the case. I was fortunate to find a seat in between two gentlemen traveling for business, and immediately struck up a conversation with one.

He began telling me he is an attorney…

“The Sum Total,” ©Aryana B. Londir, Digital Photography https://aryanalondir.com/


The sum total…creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts…a merger. Isn’t that what we all are?

Of course. But most of us are different things to different people. Does anyone really know anyone? It all depends on what we choose to show, how we wish to present ourselves, how much, how little.

In a somewhat chronological order, I am/was:

A thought. A discovery to my mother when she discovered she was pregnant, she became pregnant by an “older man,” and was ostracized. I was definitely the product of a passionate affair. What were…

“Steady Now,” ©Aryana B. Londir, Digital Photography https://aryanalondir.com/


…to become aware through the senses….

OK, how do we begin to understand those words? To become aware. Does it start slowly, innocently, subtly? Does it wash over us like a cool breeze, a warm beam of sunlight, an aroma? Or does it hit us hard and heavy, like a lightning bolt out of the blue, a thunderclap, a sonic boom?

I have been a visual artist for over twenty-five years. How is it that some of us see color in different ways? Physiologically, we are pretty much the same. Engineered with similar parts, but yet, we see things…


“Separation”, ©Aryana B. Londir, Digital Photography https://aryanalondir.com/

I have been single for over a year now. It was not my decision; my love decided he had enough of life and made the decision to end his. So. Here I am, living in a world of separation. Losing someone in this manner separates us from others in many ways; it’s a decision that ultimately must be given respect, if we truly believe in choice. Pro-choice, right? Hmmmm. Puts a new light on the term, doesn’t it?

I knew of his struggles, his issues, and his views on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A very “successful”…

“Choices”, ©Aryana B. Londir, Digital Photography https://aryanalondir.com/

Every day we are bombarded with choices. What do we have for breakfast? Do we even have time for breakfast? Milk, cream or half and half? Baked or fried? Steamed or boiled? Flat or fizzy, bottled or tap? Red or white? The list of choices is endless, and the ones I listed are simply mundane. What about real life decisions. To accept a marriage proposal, to divorce or stay married, what car to buy, where to live. To cheat or remain monogamous. To have children, to have an abortion. Which type of computer to buy. What to wear to an…

“Graffiti”, ©Aryana B. Londir, Digital Photography https://aryanalondir.com/

What is it about that one, simple, single word that makes us bristle? Makes us shudder? Scares the crap out of us?

The word is defined as “the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.” Therein, lies the problem. What is “artistic work? A piece of music? A delicious meal? Something we hang on the wall? A dance? A poem? All of the above, and nothing else?

But why relegate creativity to the arts? I have known some pretty creative people who probably don’t think of themselves that way.

Well, what about…

Aryana B. Londir

How I view the world through art and writing. https://aryanalondir.com/

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