The Odd Dystrict

  1. Can you give us some information on the team behind “The Odd Dystrict” and what your backgrounds are? What is your previous experience?
  2. What blockchains will “The Odd Dystrict” platform support and are there plans to deploy, move, support or bridge to other chains in the future? “The Odd Dystrict” have recently posted about The Odd Dystrict 3D!, can you tell the audience more about it and also about your ROADMAP 2.0.
  3. In Phase Four you mentioned about artifact drops and your Odd moves into new dystricts is the plan to create an Odd ecosystem or sort of GameFi metaverse environment?What benefits will the holders have ?
  4. As we all know crypto is a huge platform and competition in crypto is increasing by the day, theres thousands of new projects a week, how are “The Odd Dystrict” team going to market the brand to a larger audience in the upcoming years and are there any collabs we would see in the near future to make the TOD army bigger than before.
  5. Is “The Odd Dystrict” a long term project , like are we going to see a new set of Oddys in the upcoming years? Are there any plans to give the NFT’s utility?
  6. We like to finish this part of the AMA by looking at what is happening in the near term. Could you please provide us “The Odd Dystrict” next plans or milestones on the roadmap and tell us about the whitelisting and upcoming IDO, when is it?




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