The long awaited summer finally arrives, bringing along with the opportunities to do things which I was craving to do the past four months, viz,gaming, enjoying with old friends, going on a TV series marathon and learning something which interests me and is productive.

Soon after end-sems , when the frenzy started fading away , I got involved in the tasks which were assigned to me by the societies Aerial Robotics Kharagpur(ARK),SWARM and Kharagpur Open Source Society(KOSS).I was mainly involved in ARK in which I was assigned the task to first detect the ground bots which are used in IARC through the camera embedded in our quad, Albatross. After which I had to localize the ground bots with quad’s frame of reference through the downward facing camera by finding out its coordinate, and then came the tricky part when I had to once again localize it but with the camera attached to the gimbal at a certain angle.

For SWARM, I am learning about ROS and gazebo as we have to create a simulator in which our bots will be tested. For KOSS, we had too rebuild its website so, I tried contributing to web development , in the process learning Flask and a bit about API calls ,but I could not contribute much because of fading interest in it, but I am looking forward to contribute in the KWOC website which is our next task, so that I can learn something new which I missed. The remaining time I invested in studying Machine Learning which grasped my interest and was the sole reason of me not being able to contribute much to other tasks.I started the course which was available on coursera by Andrew Ng and have learned upto Regularization, which includes linear and logistic regression.

After ML, out of keen interest, I have also planned to do a course on Virtual Reality offered by udacity and build my own VR app in Unity.

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