Using CRISPR to combat climate change

Since the 1800’s we’ve managed to reduce the number of people in extreme poverty from nearly 1 billion to 700 million, while the entire population of the world continued to increase from 1.1 …

An overview and explanation of Image Super-Resolution using GANs.

Can you count how many penguins are in this picture?

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How about now?

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Hmm, I made it bigger but it's still blurry…

Well, how about now?

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Ah! We get to count the penguins and its a perfect example of image super-resolution in action!

Image super-resolution is creating a better looking, higher resolution image, from a low-resolution picture. …

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Recent advancements on the ultimate problem in biology

The key to finding the cure to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s lie in a fundamental biomolecule; the protein. Biologists and physicists alike have been trying to solve the protein folding problem for over half a century with no real progress until recently. This article will give insight into how proteins fold, why it’s so difficult to predict how it folds, and solutions that can be designed around an accurate protein folding algorithm, as well as various other topics that may be of interest.

What are proteins?

Proteins are really complex macromolecules that are made of strings of hundreds or thousands of amino acids. They perform every biological function in your body and are absolutely key in every organism. From fighting diseases to providing structure for cells, proteins play every role in your body and in every other living organism. Our DNA contains all the information for creating all these proteins, in the form of the nucleotides: A, C, G, and T. Then, DNA is transcribed to mRNA which is an intermediary molecule in the process of protein creation. In mRNA, the T’s are replaced with U’s, when transcription occurs. …


Aryan Misra

machine learning developer, software engineer

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