1. We Meet ❤️:

Another classroom, another exam but it wasn’t just some other day. I don’t remember what day it was, what time it was or what exam that day was. All i can think of is how perfect she looked. Prior to the exam i made a joke about something and she laughed, the most innocent laughter i had ever heard. The want to hear her laugh again made me tell another joke again and then i heard the best laughter for the second time. By this time she had already made an impression in my heart. The exam started, i could not help looking at her again and again and she was looking at me and smiling. I was so wonderfully happy. She had the biggest eyes i had ever seen lined with kajal, the sweetest voice one could ever hear, the best lips and the best everything. She looked so perfect, but what good was it, i did not even know her name. The exam was over and then the day ended but in my head that moment was still alive and playing in my head. My thoughts were conflicting… i had never felt so attracted to someone before and this someone was so magnetically attractive i could not help but think about her. How often one forgets a girl whose looks tricked your brain from getting a good night sleep. At the same time i thought what do i do next how do i talk to her.. I don’t even know her name, does she like me, does she remember me, will she judge me. I could not do it wrong ,so till the time i thought of doing the correct thing i sat tight and absorbed the thoughts i had about her, but that night i could not sleep

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