2. Homework

Nobody gets the person they want easily. I did my fare share of hard work too. I researched her! It was a bit of a struggle.. I did not even know her name she was just a pretty face with no name to put on it but i had to do it because the motivation was way too much. I asked around and got to know her name. I poked more and i got the name of the place where she lived. She kindled the stalker flame which was dormant within me. I checked all the social media… and then there she was sitting majestically in an Instagram id. Now what was i to do, should i text her or should i just follow her. If i follow her, will she follow me back and if she does, will i look desperate. I could not decide for days and then the decision was nothing like i planned it to be.. I texted her the dumbest thing that there possibly is — you look familiar, do i know you from somewhere. I know that she knew that this was a desperate attempt and i regretted texting her this as soon as i thought of it. But now it was too late, it was already done. The best thing was, she did not flatter herself with the thought that a guy approached her, rather she told me we met at school. I lied about not recognizing her when for the last couple of days she was the only thing on my mind.. Anyways, she gave me a chance and i lept upon it.. I started talking to her without any halts, she was like a drug and i could not get enough of her. The only thing was, her addiction was the only thing that got me through the day. The thought of talking to her gave me butterflies. Then we talked and talked and talked……

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