Vangeshwar Ras is an Ayurvedic Medicines

Vangeshwar Ras is an Ayurvedic pharmaceutical in tablet shape, utilized as a part of the treatment of incessant pee. This solution contains substantial metal fixings, thus should just be taken under strict restorative supervision. This drug is most ordinarily utilized as a part of north Indian Ayurvedic hone.

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Vangeshwar Ras Uses:

It enhances quality, resistance, sexual power, sperm creation.

It is utilized as a part of treatment of continuous pee, diabetes.

Impact on Tridosha — Balances Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Vangeshwar Ras dose:

125–250 mg on more than one occasion a day, prior or after nourishment or as coordinated by Ayurvedic specialist. It is exhorted alongside goat drain, cow drain or curds

To what extent to utilize: It is controlled for a time of one month.

Vangeshwar Ras reactions:

Self prescription with this drug may turn out to be hazardous, since it contains overwhelming metal fixing.

Take this solution in exact dosage and for constrained timeframe, as exhorted by specialist.

Over-measurement may cause disjoin harmful impact.

It is best kept away from in pregnancy, lactation and in kids.

Keep distant and sight of kids. Store in a dry cool place.

Vangeshwar Ras fixings, how to make:

12 g fine powder of each of

Vanga Bhasma — Tin Calx

Shuddha Gandhaka — Herbal cleaned Sulfur

Raupya — Rajata Bhasma — Bhasma of Silver

Karpoora — Camphor — Cinnamomum camphora

Abhraka Bhasma — Purified and handled Mica

Swarna Bhasma — Bhasma of Gold — 3 g

Mukta Bhasma — Bhasma (Calx) of Pearl — 3 g

Bhringaraja — Eclipta alba — juice extricate — amount adequate for crushing for seven times.

It’s not abnormal for a little child who is generally dry around evening time to once in a while wet the bed.Night time mischances frequently proceed up to five or six years. Most young ladies can remain dry by age six and most young men remain dry by age seven. By ten years of age, 95% of kids are dry during the evening.

Bed wetting is automatic pee while snoozing after the age at which bladder control generally happens. Nighttime enuresis is viewed as essential (PNE) when a kid has not yet had a drawn out time of being dry. Auxiliary nighttime enuresis (SNE) is the point at which a youngster or grown-up starts wetting again subsequent to having remained dry.

In current treatment,anti depressants are oftentimes utilized for kids to oversee bed wetting, , however thes drugs have an expanded danger of reactions, including passing from overdose Ayurveda gives viable and safe solution for bed wetting.We have effectively treated a few patients with Ayurvedic meds who were experiencing this malady.

Treatment of Nocturnal enuresis( Bed wetting) in Ayurveda

Our Ancient Acharayas has said a few established ayurvedic details for the cure of jaundice. Ayurvedic home grown arrangements cures by setting up the harmony of Tridosha(Vata,pitta,kapha)and sapt dhatus (body tissues).

· Check your baby dependably utilizes the latrine before doing to bed.Its a piece of legitimate can preparing .

· Stay quiet when mischance happen so your youngster doesn’t move toward becoming anxious.The tyke at this age encounters loads of new feelings –such as blame, fear, anxiety.It is vital for the guardians to be quiet and delicate with the tyke.

· There are a few herbs named

· Kala til

· Shankhpushpi

· Bhrami

· Shilajatu

· Amrita

· Asgandh

· Daru haridra

· Kulanjan

· Jayphal

· Karpur

· Kastori

There are a few Classical arrangements name

· Chandraprabha vati

· Tarkeshwar ras

· Shilajatvadi vati

· Vangeshwar ras

· Swarn vang

· Bhram rasayan

· Ashvgandha churnam

In Ayurveda , every last patient is an individual substance and the treatment additionally varies from patient to persistent. Rogi Nidaan has its diverse parameters. It’s not as straightforward as in present day medications. Prakriti parikshan, Saar, Sahanan(Compactness), Vyayam shakti(Exercise), Agni (Digestion)all these parameters are examined by an ayurvedist. An ayurvedist makes an unmistakable photo of the person by understanding a patient all in all and furthermore chooses what sort of method of readiness to be utilized for the patient. Panch KashayKalpana(SWARAS(Juice),CHURNA(powder),KALK,HIM,PHANT,) depends on this guideline.

· So I accentuation that patient must take the ayurvedic drug under the direction of an Ayurvedic doctor