How do I start, where do I start? I own this right as a fan, don’t I?

It’s been a long time since I did anything good for the world. I have been giving it a lot of thought- what is that which could make someone really happy and content? The search ended in Nivin Pauly.

I have lit my depressing and tiring days with a Nivin pauly movie. Although, I have serious issues with the politics of most of his movies, ah! that damn pretty face still keeps me glued to many movies. And who thought I can have a much complicated fan girl-ing in life as well!

A mostly unproductive Saturday and I was scrolling casually. It was astonishing when I found that they didn’t have any share-worthy GIFs of Nivin Pauly. So, I sat down and did the world a huge favor- went through his videos and created some GIFs (I would call it the “Nivin Pauly Project”, but I have already started it and serves a completely different purpose 😜 😍)

Here are some occasions when you can use this article

  • Bored at work
  • Sleepy at work, but you ran out of coffee
  • Someone is grumpy and you wanna make them smile
  • A boring family function
  • Just before a date (get those butterflies in stomach already)
  • Date went bad, and you need to cheer up
  • You woke up
  • You are going to sleep (a working strategy for absolutely sweet dreams)
  • You badly want to see Nivin Pauly, but got no time for a movie
  • You are horny.
  • You want to get horny
  • ARGH! It’s Nivin frigging Pauly

To be continued…

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