Losing my #TwitterChat virginity

I participated in my first #TwitterChat this week, and boy, was it engaging and fun! On Thursday at 3pm, Hootsuite hosted #HootChat. Being able to connect with so many people interested in the social media field was really insightful. The topic was ‘Social Selling Best Practices,’ and it consisted of 8 questions posed to the audience asking for opinions on great social media brands, strategies, and what others are currently doing. What was so helpful was reading the answers from successful professionals. Just being able to hear first hand from people with experience selling on social media allowed me to understand that there is huge career opportunity on social media, and generally, people are willing to help others find their social media niche. Koka Sexton was the guest, and he really did a tremendous job posing interesting questions and engaging with the audience in an honest, supportive and often funny manner. It was good to see a lot of other #HootChat participants using memes or gifs to accompany their tweets. It helped me stay interested in the content and relate to the people tweeting. The first question posed was “How do you define social selling?” I tweeted that engaging with the audience through social media builds a relationship between the consumer and the brand. Even though its the brands tone of voice speaking, its as if that brand is your friend, which is a cool thing to experience. It creates brand loyalty, which results in sales. Another question was “Which brands should we take ad inspiration from?” @VentureIcon replied “Brands who know their audience,” which I agree with 100%. In the chat, I complemented Wendy’s as being a good example of a brand that has picked up on it’s audience’s persona. Wendy’s social media strategy recently has been one that participated in trolling, and one that could be described as “savage” because of its humor and sarcasm. It works because often that’s how friends engage with each other on social media. Overall, I picked up helpful hints to practice better social media selling and gained 6 new Twitter followers!