Reflection: Heneral Luna

“Heneral Luna” is a Filipino historical movie released last September 2015. John Arcilla, the lead actor, portrayed Gen. Antonio Luna, a brilliant leader of Philippine Revolution Army during the Philippine-American war (1899–1902). This film tells us about how Luna boldly lead the Philippine Army. In this movie, it showed how Filipinos bravely fought for the freedom of our country. But the story revolves around Luna’s leadership, of course.

Honestly, I’m the type of student who doesn’t like to tackle about history. So when the movie was released, I didn’t bother myself thinking about this and if I will watch the film. My friend told me that the movie was good. And you know what? I just nod and said, “Okay.” Haha. Kinda rude. I know I will get easily bored when I watch, so I wouldn’t try to go to the cinema, buy a Heneral Luna’s ticket, sit in the chair, and stare at the screen because I know for sure I will regret it. But, I’m wrong.

The movie is so effective. Yes, it is. I’m amazed on how actors portrayed their character in the movie and on how the story goes. If you finished it, you will be very proud as a Filipino. You will discover little things, then you will just say, “Oh. Grabe.” or “Ganun pala nangyari nun. Astig.” Haha. I can’t make myself missed every scenes of battles, meetings, killings, and even little conversations. This movie really caught me. I even got really really mad to Emilio Aguinaldo because he’s the reason why Andres Bonifacio and Antonio Luna died. It confused me. How come Aguinaldo became a Philippine Hero? Joven’s character is also confusing. But later, I realized that he represents the new generation Filipinos that need to be treasured, free, and well learned about our country. The last part of the movie is Joven continues to recite Luna’s poem, for me, it means that the new generation will continue to love and be brave for our country. This movie really make sense for us, Filipinos, especially for the new generation.

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