Aesthetics Individual Activity #3:

Up Close & Personal

Art is everywhere. Art can be in dress, food, house, buildings, churches, and us. Dress, shoes, and accessories are considered art because of its design and fashion expresses cultures. Your home can be an art too. Your school is an art also because of its structure and the way how it is settled or established. Architecture is a form of art. We are also an art because of the way how God made us. We are His masterpiece.

I salute all professional artists out there who are very blessed by their God-given talents. Some of them were interviewed by class TC101. Out of all interviewee, the three that I remembered most were Mrs. Nicdao; a food technologist, Ms. Nova Villa; a known actress, and Mr. Bayani Rumbaoa; designer of Philippine coins. I enjoyed watching their interviews because of their sensible conversations with the interviewer. They are all interesting to listen to because of their full of sense statements. All of them were determined to get what they aim. They are all similar in the way how they are open in their experiences that really inspires people. Their difference aside from the difference of the field they were in is their edges. Mrs. Nicdao is very passionate; she really loves what she does. Ms. Nova Villa is a strong woman; she is really determined and hardworking for her dream. Mr. Rumbaoa is very creative in his own way; he is really good in the design and I think he perfected it. Their roles as artists are to inspire people by their inspiring way of doing their career and also to do everything for their profession.

I truly idolize their characteristics and behavior in doing really great things that made them very successful. I hope that I will be successful as they are. I want to be as creative as Mr. Rumbaoa, as determined as Ms. Nova Villa, and as passionate as Mrs. Nicdao. I remembered Mrs. Nicdao said in the interview, “just love what you do.”

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