Are we heading for World War III? A response to Tobias Stone

I just want to identify one little concern. The critique is based on the desire of the counter-argument itself not on certainty of the counter-argument (well, as far as I could comprehend it of course). The unpredictable. As I perceive it, Stone’s article wasn't a prophecy. It was a warning. It was about paying attention. Maybe we could not find any proof for the cycles yet. Maybe there is not enough data and maybe after another 940 wars we will be able to predict something or see the bigger perspective. Or not. But for me the indifference is the biggest reason why we cannot (or don't really want to) see the events coming. Indifference is predictable. It’s human nature. We forget, as Stone warns, we want to see just the present. And this might be the problem itself after all. Could we prevent a war? Thinkers like Tobias Stone would like to believe that we cannot, but let’s try by at least paying attention and maybe try to prevent the worst. Thinkers like John Robert would like to believe that false alarms are just good for arousing fear, therefore it’s best to sit down and watch the unpredictable. 
It’s interesting. Well at least people talk about this. Thanks for the articles.