I live in a connex and I know it seems weird. No, I don’t mean a trendy shipping container home, beautifully finished and designed for small space living (although please build more of those, they’re pretty cool).

No, I live in a steel, uninsulated box set onto four rounds of Spruce logs. No electricity, no running water, just me and the echoes of every movement I make.

I live like a boxcar kid, but without the endless mysteries.

So yeah, I know it’s a little weird. I am living on a farmer’s budget, but I have friends that care about me and I could probably find a place to live/rent on the cheap. It’d even be brighter and slightly warmer to live in my car, honestly, but with not as much room to stretch out.

So why am I choosing to live in a connex?

The connex is on property I have ownership in. I get to wake up every morning and look out onto land that I’m farming, tending and building into something beautiful. Every morning I’m greeted with the physical reminder of why I do what I do.

Being greeted with your “why” every morning? That’s worth it.