ArYu Group

ArYu Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Bhopal,(M.P.),India. ArYu owns businesses across India engaged in energy, Financial Services,Mobile Payment,Real Estate, Construction, textiles, natural resources( Solar Power),Media broadcasting , News Paper, Retail, and eCommerce.

Group Companies

  1. ArYush Industries
  2. ArYush Infotech
  3. ArYuPay Technologies
  4. ArYuPay
  5. ArYu Global Infrastructure
  6. ArYu Retail
  7. ArYu Digital Media
  8. ArYuSoft Corporation
  9. Bizita Technologies
  10. SkyCliffer Technologies
  11. ArYush Construction
  12. ArYuSoft Corporation (USA)
  13. ArYuPay Labs (Canada)
  14. ArYuPay (Singapore)

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