Building Blockchain Bridges — CPH Fintech Week, ARYZE, and VeChain

The week of Copenhagen Fintech Week truly brings bright minds together.

Jun 24 · 2 min read

From June 14th to June 20th, 2019, Copenhagen has played host to a variety of professional events that range from networking, panel discussions, presentation on future technology and regulation, as well as sessions geared towards investment.

On June 17th, the IT University of Copenhagen hosted a roundtable discussion centered on building blockchain bridges between Denmark and China, where representatives from a broad spectrum were present. The event was put together in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Industriens Fond, Danish-Chinese Business Forum, European Blockchain Center, and the Confederation of Danish Industry.

A Chinese delegation representing Chinese blockchain projects attended as well; among them was Sunny Lu, CEO of VeChain, as well as Johnson Zhao, former General Manager for NEO; Johnson is now an advisor at SIBEX. ARYZE CEO, Jack Nikogosian, had a chance to speak with them both.

Sunny Lu from VeChain (left) and Jack Nikogosian from ARYZE (right)

As ARYZE is creating Digital Cash with the intention of being “blockchain agnostic”, it’s important for us to have an understanding of the use-cases on individual third-party blockchains that ultimately could become a part of our ecosystem. We see ourselves as being the technological crossroads where different technologies can meet under the unifying element of a truly digitized version of cash. This applies to both traditional businesses using fiat, as well as crypto projects seeking a stable digital asset to transact in.

Johnson Zhao, former General Manager from NEO (left) and Jack Nikogosian from ARYZE (right)

In terms of geopolitics, it can oftentimes become a cloudy landscape, where the question of server location, as well as local rules and regulations, emerges. To this end, both Sunny and Johnson delivered great insight into how a potential collaboration could look. As the Chinese market is highly attractive, but difficult to navigate, it is an important step in our global journey to become knowledgeable to these processes.

Ultimately, ARYZE will position itself so that third-party blockchain projects will be able to connect to our interoperability platform and utilize Digital Cash stablecoins for their own monetization.

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