Entrepreneur Talk II with Statum, ProOwnedCycling, ARYZE and Blue Energy

Jun 11 · 4 min read

On June 6th, ARYZE hosted an event alongside ambassadors and companies Statum, ProOwnedCycling and Blue Energy with the focus on providing insight into the journeys of dedicated entrepreneurs. The event was hosted at Købmagergade 22 where ARYZE, Blue Energy and Statum have offices. Red Bull Denmark kindly sponsored drinks for the attendees, providing an energetic atmosphere up until the event ended.

(Bogdan Muntean and Abishek Wadhwa — ARYZE ambassadors)

ARYZE Ambassadors, Abishek Wadhwa and Bogdan Muntean, were the hosts of the evening and began by introducing Mads Andreas Olesen (Blue Energy CMO and former owner) as the first speaker. Mads told about how his firm has been one of the leading innovators on the Danish energy market, with a few strategic moves that led to their firm being sold for 60 million DKK. His lesson to pass on to future entrepreneurs was to not necessarily listen to the “gurus” in your industry because being a successful entrepreneur is also about daring to learn the hard way.

Mads Andreas Olesen, Blue Energy

The next speaker was Alexander Kragh (Statum CMO and co-founder) who introduced his company and how him and his partners originally came up with the concept for their smart recruitment service. He detailed a mistake that they made early on, in seeking investments prematurely, as they had not found the right product-market fit. He also explained how they had reached a point a year ago where they were forced to fire employees and how being backed into a corner like that drove the partners to make some major changes — this led to a drive that ultimately worked out in favor for the company. His lesson was that sometimes being backed into a corner is what an entrepreneur needs to go that extra mile for survival.

Alexander Kragh, Statum

Next up, Oscar Bjørn-Rosager (ProOwnedCycling CEO). Oscar sells used professional bicycling equipment for a living and as an entrepreneur in his early 20s, he explained how it was very useful for him to be in school while building his company, as it allowed him to both finish his education and start a business while being supported by the state. His journey included sleeping on a mattress in a warehouse for nearly 2 months, as his firm struggled to make enough sales. Another challenge was supply chain and finding a balance between getting the right products to sell, actually making the sales, and paying for the roof over their heads. His words of wisdom were: don’t give up!

Oscar Bjørn-Rosager, ProOwnedCycling

Finally, Jack Nikogosian (ARYZE CEO) presented his vision for Digital Cash, and how the idea originally started as something completely different. It wasn’t until the additional co-founders and partners joined that the concept developed into a refined, groundbreaking product that would solve real problems with modern technology. Jack’s advice to budding entrepreneurs was to find co-founders that could supplement skills that you might lack.

Jack Nikogosian, ARYZE

Rounding the evening off with a panel debate with the 4 speakers, followed by a networking session with photos, interviews and valuable discussions. See more pictures here.

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