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Arzu Celik
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Read this article to learn all about Adobe Firefly and Generative AI, including latest exploration and research. Firefly for video! Solve the access problem

Ground-breaking generative AI experience is coming on Youtube with Arzu Celik-Azul Creative Mds
Ground-breaking generative AI experience is coming on Youtube with Arzu Celik-Azul Creative Mds
Ground-breaking generative AI experience is coming: Forget ChatGPT and Midjourney

Forget ChatGPT and Midjourney. After the latest update, Adobe Firefly and Google-Bard will be game-changers! Text to video, animation, 3d, art and more…

In this article Find out:

1- What is Adobe Firefly?

2- What is the features and latest update?

3- How do I access Adobe Firefly?

4- Is Adobe Firefly Free or paid?

5- Adobe AI Firefly Access Problem & Solution (access problem even though you received an email “you are in”.)



Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my page.

Welcome to my medium article about generate image, video and animations with adobe firefly generative tools.

Today, I want to share my insights about Adobe Firefly

With firefly,

You can create stunning images by just texting with a few words.

You can change the aspect ratio of the image.

Inpainting will help you to redesign by just describing what you want in a selected field instantly.

Smart portraits might be a fun way to express happy faces from scratch.

By just expressing with the words you could have high quality interior renders.

You’ll be able to convert your 3D objects to creative images just by texting.

What about text to template? This feature will help you quickly make a difference for your events or social media contents.

Conversational editing is just like chatting about your dreams.

I would say it is going to be a significant feature “ the text to vector” for commercial design creations. Because printable products need vectoral documents of the image.

For me, being able to combine different styles and photos is like having the key of creativity.

With color-conditioned image generation, you could keep the colours of the reference image on your new creations.

To me, the upscaling feature is the most important feature which will help to sell your art in high resolution.

Now, meet Adobe Firefly for video!

These mind-blowing features are coming soon to video apps.

Describe what you want to create and generate!

Find sound effects to increase the ambience of the video.

By describing colours of the moment you could change the colour of the background as well as you could change the tones of detected objects.

firefly is dreaming of a tool which will help to generate captions for video by analysing keyframes.

Animation is fun but the process is long, After firefly the process might be short and more fun!

Find the B-roll of the video by analysing the transcript. This feature will save your time in your video editing process with the more creative and stunning results

Now, the best one is coming for me and for you!. Your imagination and stories would come to life generating storyboards! The AI System will analyse your transcript and it will give you kind of storyboards in a different angle or style.

It is not over yet!

Today, they announced that they are bringing Firefly to Bard by Google with the ability to continue your creative journey in Adobe Express, to inspire millions of people to create.

How do I access Adobe Firefly?

First of all you need to create an Adobe ID account. After a creation you can fill the form to have request access by adobe firefly. With an acceptance email by the firefly team you could start to explore!

Is Adobe Firefly Free or paid?

This tool is free but probably in-app features may be subject to a creative cloud subscription.

Adobe AI Firefly Access Problem:

One month ago, I signed up to get Access for Beta version to Adobe Firefly. After just three days, I received an email from Adobe. It was writing like that “Yes, You are in” But it was completely wrong information. Because, there was a problem.

Adobe AI Firefly Access Solution:

Then I’ve reached to this link from discord:

I filled out the link:

If you’ve filled out this form previously and you are still having Access issues using the Adobe ID you provided, please check this box below.

After, I could receive. Actually today, After, Many many days later. And today, I received, “Yes, you are in” mail.

Actually, ıt shouldn’t be so new feature for Adobe Firefly. Because, they have most of the features already in Adobe Photoshop since October 2020.

But, I believe that:

Text to image

Text to video or animations features will be game-changer.

What about you?

What will you make today?

Disclaimer note: This content has been created with the aim of inspiring the ethical and transparent use of generative AI creativity in different areas. It is purely educational content and does not necessarily reflect the thoughts or opinions of the institutions or organizations mentioned in the credits.


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