Szczecin 2015

Back to Blogging?

I don't really remember when was the last time I did this. 2011? Somewhere around that year… Well here I am giving it another shot.

Job Hunting

I have been looking for job opportunities the past days. I have applied to so many places that I don't have anywhere else to apply as of now (If anybody has a good source where I can find a part-time job as a graphic designer please let me know).

I kinda had a hardtime finding places to apply so, I will share some of the places where I applied:

gethired.com, simplyhired, dice.com, creativehotlist, monster.com, barefootstudent.com, looksharp.com, careerbuilder, indeed.com, craiglist, behance and LinkedIn.

Also, If anyone is looking for some nice Freelance work out there checkout:

Upwork, Peopleperhour and freelancer.com

Quotes and Inspiration

“You can find inspiration in everything. If you can’t then you are not looking properly.”

Bye bye

I am still thinking on what I should write. I just wanted to say a couple things in order for me to get use to back to blogging. I hope you like what I share and find it helpful. Until next weekend.

Have a Great Week!