Snapchat filter that I got to create for WMC 2017. Epic feeling when you get not to only play with your filter, but find other people use it too. #UX

Almost There…

It’s been a while… I have been so busy between school, work, more work, school work, band practice (follow @outlash_band on IG) and life. However, I am so happy and excited to say that I only have three more months to go. A lot of my friends from FAU and Ai got to finish with their bachelors in the past month. If you are one of those amazing designers reading this know that I am so proud of you! and I will join you soon.

In the meantime let’s check out what I found for blog #11

1. Portfolio Time

Have you ever heard the statement of “Go Red or GO HOME!”? well… this website makes justice to that statement. Simple, straight-forward and nice images.

2. Inspiration

Do you know Jasu Hu? If you do not. Check out her illustrations!

3. The Future is Here

From Uber self-driving cars to… self-driving trucks. Robots are taking over. O.O!

4. Designers: Earn your seat at the table

Design leadership 101. Remember… Design IS NOT ART. REPEAT IT. SAY IT AGAIN. NOW SAY IT ONE MORE TIME. NOW GO make me proud!

5. Another Reason Why Cali ❤

I know many of you designers do not really enjoy coding, but think about it… FREE CODING UNIVERSITY. FREE.

Someone asked me on my last blog “why do you blog?”. My answer is simple. I started blogging as an idea I got while in school. I was showing my classmates illustrations, artists, portfolio websites, and cool articles about design. Then I got the idea… just like Austin Kleon’s newsletter (author of Steal Like an Artist. His email/newsletter contents about 5–10 links to different things he did, found or likes through the week). I could do something like that… It is like a curation of artcicles from tech, art, design,and inspiration for you all to see and hopefully read. Not many people have time to go out there reading here and there… It is easy if I find something “interesting” and just share it with you.

I hope all of you enjoy this little things. Until next time…

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”