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Backing up the database and having a recovery plan to recover from any disaster or human error is one of the most important tasks of the administrators

You can have a replication cluster, high availability setup on multiple data centers can help you to handle business continuity during the node failure, but if you want to go back to some of the previous states or recover from the accidental delete or drop only backups can help you to recover

Read more about the RPO and RTO Backup terms here

In this blog, we will discuss about the taking backup of the PostgreSQL…

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In AWS you can take a snapshot of a volume while a previous snapshot of that volume is in the pending status, having multiple pending snapshots of a volume can result in reduced volume performance until the snapshots complete.

There is a limit of five pending snapshots for a single gp2, io1, or Magnetic volume, and one pending snapshot for a single st1 or sc1 volume. …

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In my previous post, I wrote about running infinite loop in Java and also I mention that it was not recommended way of doing and wrote an alternate way with Spring boot scheduling, read here.

In this blog lets see how we can achieve with the ApplicationReadyEvent in SpringBoot

Create a class implementing the org.springframework.context.ApplicationListener and implement the business logic in the Override method onApplicationEvent

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