Medium the Unicorn of Blogging?

I’ve been told of Medium for awhile now. How it may be this mystical blogging platform that‘s made for everybody. But is not only made for everybody but makes everybody happy. This of course includes Grandmas, Aunts, Marketers, HR rep’s, CEO’s, uncles twice-removed, and all other overwrought characters in this world. But the real question, is this true?

Pshh I have no idea… maybe? maybe not? I know that I have seen numerous companies move their own blogs to Medium in favor of the magic pixie dust Medium sprinkles on your blogs. What are these sprinkles?

Note: I’ve only been here a couple weeks and editing and working through documents for a couple days (I know, what a noob) but I’m trying to learn.

Sprinkle #1: Better than LinkedIn Recommendations

What do I mean by this? Medium does this nice little thing and provides new members blogs that they would recommend you read. Cool right? But even cooler that Blogger is getting a read and possibly a reader from Medium giving them a little push of help. So if you think those custom form recommendations you see on LinkedIn are awesome, Medium does that but WAY better! (Sorry LinkedIn, you try…)

Sprinkle #2: Marketing People are head over heels for Content

That’s right ladies and gentleman, Content. That marvelous term that can mean an artsy Instagram/Twitter picture with a lofty quote or some text-heavy infographic that barely ties into the pop culture reference that the company is trying to connect too. Medium gives an even easier route to expand this term, blogs are also content. Of course they are! So now this gives the dedicated employee (*cough* intern) another responsibility, to create industry and relevant content into beautiful and poetic blog’s on Medium!

Sprinkle #3: In today’s world, Analytics is bigger than the Kardashian Family (for some people)

Of course the Kardashian family does have a leg up in the fact that they are on tv. But believe me the people putting them on TV is looking at the analytics as to if they stay there. Analytics are dirty, messy, heart-wrenching, beautiful, and twisted little things that make the world go round. And boy does Medium give you some analytics! They provide awesome information about retention(Read Ratio) and a bulk of other stats to make you gush over. Long story short Analytics is love.

While I’m still undecided as too whether or not Medium will be this aforementioned Unicorn of Blogging world, I’m excited to see what it becomes, where it goes, and how it evolves. This is my attempt at adding to it, to create cool Medium posts like people tell me I’m supposed too. I know it’s not perfect, but I promise, I’m trying to be as hipster as I can.