While reading the second chapter of EDHI’S biography I learned a lot and got a great inspiration from it. He was quite small in age and he had a great passion to serve humanity and he was fully determined. His family was not interested in such activities to serve humanity but his mother was a role model for him. He had very big ideas, he want to built a hospital where treatment of the patients will be free. Even in small age he helped a lot of people. It is great inspiration for me.

I am living in hostel in Punjab University. A few days ago, while I’ve just started reading the chapter of EDHI’ Biography I felt hunger and stood up to go to canteen to eat food. On my way to Canteen I saw a blind student who I think was also going to canteen. I quickly rushed to him and asked Are you going to Canteen? He replied Yes. I said Let me take you there i am also going there. Hearing my these words I felt a very warm smile on his face. He was feeling much confident. We both had to eat food so we sit on a single table and ordered some food. 
We both introduced introduced ourself to each other. After sometime he said me that ,” You had a passion to help someone’’. I replied yes I have. Then he asked can you help me ? I said ofcourse. He shared that he is in need of a student who can help him in attempting his final paper because of blindness he could not write his paper. I without thinking replied him yes that i will help you in your paper. I asked him the details of the paper and decided to go with him. Knowing this he was very happy and he started thanking me and gave me a lot of prayers .
I think those prayers counts a lot for me.