Be interested rather than interesting

Mr. Obama showing interest

Basically the theme of the chapter I read teaches us to in spite of trying to impressing the other people and made their interest in you, always try to be interested in them. It is secret by which you can make other people interested in you. Writer explained this by using various illusions from his personal life. In radio stations most of the word that is spoken is “I” which shows that we are mostly busy in describing or telling other about ourselves. Remember people are interested in themselves rather than you so if talk about them it will make your place in their heart.

I applied this principle of getting in other people interested by making conversations with my fellows and wonderfully got the excellent result. It is hard for me initially but it will take time to quit this habit and talk about the other rather about yourself always. I observed that my friends are interested in telling their story so to keep them engaged I have to listen them more, while reducing my conservation.

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