Activity 1:

Yeah, its been a great demonstration of humanity by edhi sahab and probably one of the biggest ever in this world.I always believe that there exist a word Humanity which does not discriminate in helping others from man to woman, one cast from another, one religion from another,one tribe from other not at all.So , thats what the beauty of this word that it is pure and I just love it from my childhood.We all know that we cannot reach upto edhi sahab level of humanity but we can just start and we will motivated in the path of our struggle.Demonstration of determination and hardwork by edhi sahab suggest that there is nothing impossible in this world.

Activity 2:

Actually,there are quite occasions comes to my life about just starting and now I realize that if i just start at that time how successful I will be at that time.Helping others for humanity is what I love from my childhood.When I used to see some needy person automatically a helping desire comes to my mind.With the passage of time the intentions start becoming more clear and clear.But I just cant be able to find a way that i can able to help humans in a wide range. Then recently,an idea came to my mind that social media is a big platform for it and I just started from here. I joined educational and informative groups and started helping others on their problems.Within few days, I am able to help thousands of people from no where and i am pretty happy now.

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Humanity does not charge for helping others thats what I believe in.Pure Humanity is just a feeling to help others.There is no discrimination , no benefits at all. But, remember that there is always a reward for it in the world after.Here too, the prayers and divine wishes of the helped people are far far better than the wealth and money.That is what I am getting from humanity and I want to keep doing this till my death.

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