These are much more exciting days of life,I would like to share something which can be used as a learner. think about how we manage inner part of ourselves,when people don’t know about your strength,just prove it to them, What actually belief is. it’s really a matter,when you are on the wrong way, and something is wrong, that’s the worst thing, sometimes we accept that with our company, we don’t know about it. Let begin the journey about WHY I am And as will found acceptance Yes I am’ one of them.


I will decide, to keep this stuffs with ourselves and imagine that how I would like to be here in silent mood.

I don’t have any idea about what I should do the way of I choose and reality is much difference within, why I could not slept yet until morning, I can’t manage thing which belongs to me. Guess what will I do and what the thing would be to change, What will change the way of my life. So I am here to write everything about it. Is it fair with someone who are agree with, to change his life and the way people where they exactly doing. I am different than others, I belief I would not be able to take time for that, it is not going to be the wrong way. when and how I would change.

Time mean you have to chance to change, if you feel that it is not good, not cool. You have opportunities to change it if you not deserving the way of living just silence and think about.

It was very stressful and now I feel grateful.