“Better to be interested than to be interesting”

It was a kind of new venture and experience to get myself interested in others, to ask about others, knowing others without expressing and talking about myself. I talked to my friends, family members and other people to make them realize that I am interested in them and they matter to me. Although it was a good experience but on some occasions it was bit weird and even confusing for others that I was asking about them and not talking about me. Well the response was a good one and I really learned that by asking and talking about others, by making them feel special ultimately you are going to get them interested in you. They are more inclined towards you and there is a different kind of atmosphere and bond which is very much relishing. You feel happy, kind of satisfied and joyful. What you get is their confidence, they feel free to share their thoughts and secrets with you and you kind of make their life a bit easier.

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