inspired by Edhi’s life

As we all know Abdul Sattar Edhi sahib one of the kindest soul. He help anyone without any difference and hesitation. We can say “A MAN WITH A GOLDEN HEART”. I like a way that how his mother bought him up because this thing matters a lot in life of a man. As Edhi’s mother give him 2 paisa 1 to use it and second to donate but he can’t find anyone because he think that it is useless to give money to wrong person. This is the problem of not only me but almost all the person because we think that they r fake. Many times we have money to donate but we refuse to donate it because we can’t find a right person.

But know I think we should give donation to all because ALLAH will give us reward for both and he don’t see the faces but see the purity of the heart and there r many things which ALLAH gives us but we r not eligible for that.

So Edhi sahib was at upper level of humanity we can’t reach there but we can learn many things from this great soul.


I was thinking to invest in a stock market for about 1 year but I has limited resources and a fear of lose stops me. I also thing that “not to ride a horse unless u control it” so, firstly I try to gain all knowledge about the market all it’s up and downs and entry and exit points of it. I want to invest there just to know what that market do doesn’t matter I get profit or not, but I want to be a future investor which can give benefit to this country. I think I shall achieve my goal in this year and will be getting anything in next year.

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