New Suzuki Every 2018 Price Pics and Feature

Wave Di is Change Suzuki Every and Suzuki Every Join introduced the “Smart multi-purpose life car,” a new design concept of production. Smart MPV, but unlike the traditional micro-cars, sedans and even MPV, SUV, it will be unique shape, multi-functional, fuel-efficient, safety and environmental protection, and many other excellent quality perfect combination to open up the original small A new world of MPV. From another perspective, Every is a real “sedan mini passenger”, which combines the advantages of super power, agile handling, sedan technology and excellent performance in space. The configuration of automatic gear, full-time four-wheel drive and so on is indeed Is currently not available in the domestic small MPV. The car uses the world of micro-car experts — Japan Suzuki technology, due to the high price at the beginning of the listing, leading to market users to accept the “dilemma”. But Every still relies on its excellence to let users “once tried, want to have,” so that Every car owners kindly called “wife car.” Lang Di after the introduction of the sun version, the price dropping, higher cost, allowing users to Everyan “see, affordable.

Wave Di basic parameters / Suzuki Every editor

Price: 720,000

Dimensions (length / width / height): 3850/1510 / 1910mm

Displacement: 1372.0 cc

Engine: Suzuki K14B (for Big Dipper)

Tail row

Tail atlas

Theoretical fuel consumption: 4.7–5.8 liters / hundred kilometers

Wave Di Sunshine 1.2L 2010 Beijing Olympics After the show, Change Suzuki officially launched the new Di 1.2L models, further enriching the product lineup Every, make up the Every brand system in the small displacement market vacancies, while adjusting the wave Di 1.2L After the models are called Wave Di Sunshine. Wave Di Sun shine Suzuki K12B engine loading, so 1.2L Di can enjoy the national car sub sides to the countryside policy.

For Change Suzuki Corporation, the introduction of Wave Di Sunshine can increase sales and expand market share, after all, a wise move. Compared with 1.4L and 1.2L Every, there is no difference between the appearance and interior, after the test drive, although the displacement is reduced, but with outstanding performance Suzuki K12B, Every Sunshine Power and 1.4L Di difference is not Big.

In the “Smart multi-purpose life car,” the design concept under the guidance of Di wave break the traditional square micro-Square shape. Wave Di will circular and square lines organic integration together, for a new generation of small MPV reposition. Up to 10 different types of seat folding can meet a variety of needs. Whether it is business, leisure, transportation, Every can easily cope.

Change Suzuki Every equipped with K14B engine, this engine has been fully tested in the Big Dipper. K14B engine inherits the Suzuki engine unique high-power, low fuel consumption, light weight, compactness, low noise and other advantages, the maximum power up to 70 kilowatts, the maximum torque of 115 Nm, to meet the country Ⅳ emissions.

2L Lang Di equipped with outstanding performance Suzuki 1.2L K12B engine, the maximum power of up to 70KW, with an inexhaustible surging motivation, is the market leader in 1.2L engine. The unique high-energy compression ratio design inside the engine guarantees fuel economy in the context of efficient and powerful output. The car also uses McPherson independent structure of the front suspension design, whether high-speed or low-speed driving, can enjoy comfortable car comfort control.

Appearance, the proportion of 3850 \ 1510 \ 1910 (length \ width \ height) so that the “face” title has not really been removed, after all, the impression of decades has become a household name, but different from the previous models Is that, Longdi has a more stylish front face and a more harmonious body ratio, “tall” body to maintain the classic design of Japanese models.

Every’s interior gives a simple, compact, practical impression, Japanese taste strong. Through the design of the center console, we can still see Every trying his best to get rid of the rough feeling and over-simple structure of the past, such as air-conditioning outlet, dashboard transmission and so on. There is a good style and craft level, however Due to the limited overall design of Change Suzuki, the interior gives the feeling of being still very cheap.

In terms of space, the most direct feeling of the “bench-top” seat in Front of the Wave is that it is tall and flat. Although this design ensures the driver’s eyes but the comfort is not good, in addition, the seat does not have the function of adjusting up and down, and Lack of wrapping. The advantage of the second row of seats is the head and leg room are plenty of space, but inadequate is the seat cushion and back are not too long, relatively thin and straight, do not feel comfortable to sit up. In the third row, you can use the second row of 4/6 points, the seat will not sit on one side of the seat back, and create a “leg stool” feeling.