Kubernetes is currently the best orchestration tool in the market, making this open-source system one of the most sought after solutions. Many multinational companies, including Yahoo, SAP, SoundCloud, Huawei, and eBay, among others, rely on Kubernetes today.

The demand for Kubernetes certified professionals is on the rise, but there are…

Kubernetes, also called Kube, is an open-source platform used for container orchestration, which is managing the lifecycle of containers in dynamic environments.

Kubernetes is portable, extensible, and scalable. It has become quite common to club Kubernetes with CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) tools.

When CI/CD tools are used to deploy cloud-native…

Asad Faizi

Entrepreneur, Technologist, Co-Founder of Multiple Startups. Founder and CEO, , a low-code SaaS platform for Kubernetes application developers.

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