Illustration Styles That Have Taken Over The Design Industry In 2019

Asad abtach
May 9, 2019 · 3 min read

The trends and types of illustration are ever changing. At times, a specific style is famous while some styles stick around for years. The year 2019 has not stayed low with its upgrades in illustration trends.

The illustration styles that have been identified to take the design industry by storm are now deemed to the biggest trends of 2019. From retroistic styles to the comeback of traditional-based artwork, here are some of the most prominent and widely appreciated illustration trends and styles that befit almost every theme or concept.

Traditional Illustration

The concept of illustration has is not new instead this notion has stayed for centuries. While there have been constant improvements in illustration design, traditional illustration and artwork still continue to prevail. Since illustration is a form of art that lets you express your thoughts and ideas better, the traditional forms of illustration will never be deemed outdated. Some main types of traditional illustration styles include pencil artwork, paintings, lithography, charcoal illustration and finally, watercolors and acrylics.

Retro and Vintage Styles

Design and illustration trends that relate to the 90s will probably never go out of style. While this trend has been around since 2018, it is likely to stay for a long time. There has also been an upsurge in the popularity of vintage and retro clothing in the fashion industry. However, now this trend has taken a shift to the realm of design and it has still managed to turn heads. From sleek portraits to vibrant color selections, the solid colors and lines are what makes retro-based illustrations so unique and surely always will.

Vector Graphics and Artwork

Vector graphics belong to the category of modern-day illustration design. If you want to render an illustration digitally then you would have to use tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Procreate for it. Most vector graphics are made in a 2D environment in order to create the right and accurate shape and curve for the drawing. Such illustration styles are very different from freehand illustration as no matter if you are intricate or not, the illustration is bound to look well defined.

Concept Illustration

This illustration form has a dedicated purpose but it varies from industry to industry. Since concept artwork is usually made in a digital form, it is a befitting preference for artwork for video games, movies and every advertising solution for pop culture. Promotional material mostly depends on concept art as advertising and marketing mediums tend to rely on originality. Only an original and unique brand image would capture the attention of the masses and that is exactly what concept artwork does.


Literal illustrations gained fame in the 60s and most professionals and art enthusiasts thought realistic or literal illustrations would never make a comeback but we have been proved wrong. Now literal artwork has taken the form of photorealistic illustrations. This has now brought more diversification to the already existing illustration trends and styles as it allows the viewer to perceive what he wants and deems worthy of notice in the illustration. The basic idea of calling this style photorealism is that a photograph is turned into a digitally modified facsimile.

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