Take your best shot now

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Finally after spending and thinking about the right topic to start with, exploring and engagingly emancipating about which thing I should start with. Alas, it is here.

I know by reading this title ‘Take your best shot now’ all of you might be guessing this as a motivation topic, you guys have guessed it right. Now all of a sudden I have not become a psychologist or an influencer or the other term from me is a marketer to boost you up or bring you up from your deep night sleep to think about what you think of the most.
By the famous lines of Jim Kwik “a motivation is just an entry door, what takes you through your struggle is your mindset towards that goal ” also I think discipline is what moves us throughout the journey. Discipline is not just thinking about things but rather doing it, chasing them like for those types of days and by those types of days, I mean the days where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed that power to get up when you don’t feel it, that need to do daily things daily that what discipline does for us.

It’s hella deep for each one of us. For someone, one task or daily routine can be easy but for the other, it can be difficult, and that is the right apt moment to double think what we are doing and what we want in life. Whether it is for oneself or the sake of others surrounding us.
Dream, aim, goal….. and many many words are there to tell you that you need one, you need it although if you give it a chance you already have one you just have to understand what you want, what is right for you, what life you want in present and in future and the life that you want can you go that extra few miles for it, can you do those extra few reps for it, can you give extra few more minutes while you are studying. Now, this is where you double think it, can I???
Ask the question really Can I?

Just pause here and ask this question from yourself, de-clutter yourself with whatever you are doing right now, cause this is your life and you need to decide about it. Sit down, take a pen and paper, write down what you want or simply if you don’t have these try this
Sit down, close your eyes and now draft a life for yourself whatever way you like with whatever aim you have whether you want to crack a particular exam, become a fitness freak, meet someone great, get a promotion in your job whatever you feel like or your aim is. Now enjoy that moment for a while, exploring your dream, making adjustments with your wants and needs. As rightly said by this quote “You are the creator of your own life”

Now open your eyes and write down its pros and cons, see how difficult it will be for you, write down how you can achieve that. Cause now coming to the real world life it is gonna be difficult as f….k so that’s where you have to plan, make your mark and attack after it.
Remember “IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT” nothing is impossible. A very few years back I increased my percentage of the total result by just studying focused for 1 month, like really focused and the jump that I saw at the result was 15% from the previous exam. I gave all my and pushed myself, enjoying the results.

And now frankly speaking have gotten this same scenario with me again after those years that I need to do it again. But this time the only restrain I have on me is time. Less than 2 months are left to prepare for it, the subject is hard and the second reason is I don’t like it but anyhow I have to do it, If I don’t I will be stuck with it always for the rest of my life with the thought that I didn’t do it, was too afraid, was a pu$$y…

Have to do it, and Inshaallah (By God’s Will) I will do it, and prove it to myself cause this is the only and last chance I have for me. I am gonna take my best shot now starting today, will you take yours…..
Feel free to comment below, mail me your story would like to read about it. Once I have progressed with my thing I will be writing about it.
Hope you guys have gotten the sole theme of which I am trying to get to you all through this. Now go rock, you are best in your way.

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Did find it interesting now go Take your best shot now




Just not a normal guy who loves to write and express himself on broad variety of subjects

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Mohd Asad Alam

Mohd Asad Alam

Just not a normal guy who loves to write and express himself on broad variety of subjects

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