Reaching out to friends…

Childhood friends are ones who knew us from inside. We play, we act like jokers, we run, we study, we get tidy, enjoy in rain and bunk from school and classes together. I have friends from schools, colleges and university. The one common thing all share with me is that I keep secrets of them in my heart. They never feel hesitation while sharing their problems and worries in front of me.

My friends gave me response about my strengths like highly motivated, creative, perfectionist, supporter, good manager, keen observer. I also have some of strengths in my mind but I was not thinking such kind of responses. The most shocking of them is that I am a good manager, I haven’t think in such direction.

One of my lovely friend wrote a poem for me:

“think about some one Reflected back the history

A change of achieving patterns buzzing in my faded memory

Certain moment cant captured Before our life collides

A small globe of life Makes a meeting again to recognized

Knowing someone perfectly Unable to collect all the data we desire

As in our life it become a story of perfect sight so there mistakes are at denial

We all think of the power one can have in the best way

So to achieve more than you say

As our relation is of honey and the bee

So you are the perfect strenght for me

In life, your motivation stands as its stands for me

your area of knowledge became vast as it already opened you with ur creativity

Your bravery is your patience that I admired fully

As to lock up your task with several dealing keys

Sometimes, time becomes our enemy to play dirty deals

still you manage with hardwork indeed

And never let others know what have you become

As your belief is strong to lead your destiny

Your goals are meant to be yours your flaws are hidden perfectly

Let the deal knocking your door

Your careful handling mark your scores” (Pasted as it is)

Based on this activity I decided to keep notes and wrote down the strengths and qualities in me. Not even strengths but also weaknesses so that I can work on it.

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