Mr. Sajid Bashir (HR Managaer at Compass group UK)

Reaching to Mr. Sajid Bashir HR Manger at Compass group in UK and asking about importance of “being real” and “equip” is really a crucial step towards our goal during job hunting. One important point on which the HR manager put his stress is that they always look on “ Can Do” attitude of the candidate. They are well aware of the fact that everyone never knew the answer of all questions but they are looking for the passion and honesty in the candidate.

In his opinion, experienced interviewers easily identified the fake and real people, so their is no need to be fake in front of them. They are looking for the simple and straight answers but they are also comparing it with our C.V at the same time.

Being equip is also important because it shows that the candidate is serious in us or not.

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