Let’s Get ‘Mental’

Rethinking the narrative of thought

‘Let’s get mental’ just doesn’t have the same positive, welcoming and wonderful ring as Olivia Newton John’s seminal anthem…


It might it be my vocation or perhaps an obsession with psychology that I’ve been studying ‘Mental Health’ recently. Funny that just saying the word causes many listeners much alarm, followed by concern and eventually an apology — all with good intentions, of course!

However, unless we remove this subconscious stigma around ‘mental health’, we will forever be poking it with a 10-foot pole without understanding it.

Here’s an idea…

Why not start thinking on Mental Health, just like physical health. Some days one is physically tired. Some days, the body is flat-out exhausted. Some days, a funny bone tickles, and on other’s every muscle aches.

Everyone can relate to the above, but what happens when we ‘Mental Health’ is mentioned?

Let me re-iterate the same thought, but written with the context of the mind…

Some days one is mentally tired. Some days, the mind is flat-out exhausted. Some days, a funny idea tickles, and on other’s every thought aches.

Suddenly, more relatable? Yes? Perhaps.

Mental Health. Baby steps. Try it!