25th frame

(A short promo video, you can turn on Ludovico Einaudi ‘Life’)

25th frame

Feedback to give, simple story to share, sketch to draw

and shake it all in the end

1st sequence

IF there is no open door, there will be a window. In my case this window opened on the 3d floor in the kitchen. Just be aware. Eduard might come to everybody.

2d sequence

(Random pictures that you have on your mind)

I’m lucky to have rather artistic beginning.

Everything started at the end of May, when I finished my first half-marathon. After this a range of chaotic events happened to me. I changed the place of living. I got circa 20 job interviews, read several books, watched a lot of movies, visited new galleries, learned the value and commitment to numbers. I found, lost and discovered quite a bit. This “bit” is what I’m still searching for. They say new places won’t help you to create a new identity and feel this new difference as you can’t run away from yourself and find a new ‘you’. I prove it — it is not true. As it is not about running away, it is about finding, creating, resisting and discovering NEW.

Discoveries are simple, but huge

(Black screen – big white letters)

3d sequence

I discovered passion for running

Why do I run? While running, you have a chance of meeting yourself in different stages. Stages, which can be experienced only in certain situations in life. But here on the track you can come across them during your 1 hour training. You can feel determination, weakness, power, happiness, disappointment and strong hatred. Challenging your capacity is something wonderful about running. And there is always a point when you stop. Sometimes it is unexpected, but “there is only you who decide”. I’ve deeply understood the sense of this idea only after I started to run.

‘Drama-queen’ passion

So, I decided that I will stop on the 3d of July 2014, after 1 months of my “new” life I was exhausted. This is something similar to what I feel now when I’m running my 23d km. I start feeling my knees hurt, I can’t fully control my legs and there is no more power left.

I just moved to a new flat, after a long and tiring search. Bad luck happened. The door locked, documents and money ofc on the other side of the wall — classy. I couldn’t get in, funny in the movie irritating in the reality. I ended up in (I’d rather write on) 7th continent (a shop), with a banana, a charger and somehow I felt that ‘this is it, and I’m coming home’, I smiled with tears. I wanted to feel safe, but unfortunately it is impossible when you’re surrounded by strangers, who can’t share the moment. “Drama queen was in the shop and nobody noticed”. Fortunately, there is often a ‘but’. People are unpredictable and unexpected. Learn it, remember and repeat it over and over again. The same as this unexpected power you discover while running. I need to tell so many thanks to – Eduard, who found an opened window, climbed to the 3d floor and opened the door, as well as Veniamin and neighbors from 145th flat. All of you became that unexpected power that helped me to keep on moving. Hey-ho.

Sometimes you might think steps you take are not enough, but they change you, they build your personality and help you to find inspiration in small things. This inspiration will keep you from giving up on the concept that you “can do a lot” and that you “will do it” and you “will manage it”, as you have once decided.

“Do what you want, how you want it and when you feel it’s right” – finally I have fully understood this thanks to my 3 months’ summer journey.

Start yours.

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