This edition of Albanian Society for All Ages (ASAG) comes for women of all ages on March 8, 2018.


Global statistics point out one fact: women live longer than man. With a growing life expectancy for women, the challenges to find solutions for coping with their real needs are also increasing. Aging has therefore become a vital issue for women of all ages, but also for men and for the whole society.

The demographic changes taking place and the aging dimension of women’s lives require attention and action right now. In a country like Albania, where even the basic aging facilities are missing, such changes should be at the focus of public debate, since they are radically transforming the world as we know it.

Right from its very foundation, ASAG has been constantly trying to make known its concerns over the aging women. The establishment of this Association is a normal continuation of the Albanian Women Independent movement, which began in March 1991 and reached its culminating point on 16 November 1991 with the first mass women demonstration, which demanded the changing of the grave economic situation in the country.

The old dream of Albanian women became a reality on 10 March 1993 with the creation of the Union of Albanian Women, which encompassed women from all ethnic territories and the Diaspora. This Union emerged as a critical necessity, with the view to broaden the range of voices of Albanian women and the quality of the ideas of those visionary women who wished to give the Albanian society a positive orientation.

Today, even though 27 years have passed since then, the range of voices we hear has been narrowing down, comprising only a small part of the population, mainly males, and a very small minority of select women, which means that only a small part of our society voice is being heard.

“Active Aging” magazine provides a supplementary platform to express and exchange opinions and share our concern about the future of our society. What would our society be like if we were not to utilize all of its potential? This magazine is committed to ensuring the visibility of every underrepresented person willing to contribute to the transformation of the society with their voices.

The vision of the magazine is to contribute to a well informed, richer, and more ethical society, empowering more people –particularly more women of all ages — to vent out their opinions in the major debates of our time. We need to hear the voices of women from all walks of life.

We believe that women, individually and collectively, need to speak louder and be listened to, be more visible and become more empowered. This can be achieved by addressing this problem in its very roots, because women have a lot of experience and knowledge but are faced with a culture where women are rarely heard; they lack support at higher levels and the necessary connections to make a greater impact on the life of the society.

Mira Pirdeni

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ASAG vision is to work to enhance the quality of life for elderly, through social policies, advocacy and community services.

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