10 Tips To Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

Now, landing pages are like the cover page of a book. It has to be perfect and with all sorts of information, which people needed to know, in a glimpse. Now, people generally have a misconception that landing pages are easy to create, but in reality, this is not. These are simplistic looking, but are quite hard to get the right deals, around here.

Basic tips to watch out:

There are 10 significant tips, which will help in increasing the current conversion rate of your landing pages. Make sure to consult with an expert, just to be sure of the tips and get to learn a bit more about it. So, without wasting further time, you can jump right into the details:

1. Easy navigable option for you:

You might like to add as much information as possible in your landing page. But that won’t be of much good, and your website will look like a cluster of problems. So, try using information as minimal as possible, yet in an attractive manner. So that, after reading your small crisp write-up, people will be forced to move into the website and check out the tabs for more details.

2. Headlines and ad copy match:

Headlines are known as the small part of an entire story. By reading through the headlines, people will be more intrigued to go through the points, well. Now, landing page headlines and the current ad copy are likely to match with each other for better conversion rate. It is time for the Google AdWords to determine the cost per click service, depending on landing page’s quality. So, for improving current score, this match is necessity.

3. Adding some bullet points:

Those mundane looking paragraphs might be full of information, but people are not quite happy to read through each line in details. They do not have so much of time. So, it is during such instances, when you have to work on adding some bullet points. This is a short and crisp way of adding more people towards your kitty. It will help people to learn more about your platform easily, without facing much hassle.

4. Impeccable Grammar:

Well, you must have a good grip over language, and mistakes in grammar will not be tolerated. Poor writing, grammar mistakes and typo errors will degrade the quality of your website. And that mainly works with the landing page details. So, be very sure about these points too, before you plan to start working on creating a landing page.

5. Proper use of white space:

Always try to create a landing page with free white-space at both sides of the page. For that, you have to start using some clean designs with direct services towards people’s attractive notions. Starting from call to action to benefits, you have to work on these sessions well. And you can always leave such empty places on side of your landing pages for increasing the conversion rate.

6. Help from trust indicators:

For improving our conversion rate, you have to build trust with the customers. And that is only possible through an impeccably designed landing page. Starting from testimonials to 3rd party trust, there are multiple options waiting for you, over here. There are certain security certification, available too. From guarantee seals to press mentions, these are some of the trust indicators, to be used, over here.

7. Proper images to use:

You cannot deny the important use of images in landing page. It has to be minimal but with meaning to the context. You cannot just randomly pick any images to decorate the website. And special notes are mandatory for choosing the perfect image for the landing pages.

8. Strong call to action:

Call to action is the best way to lure people into visiting your site and taking your service. So, try adding a strong call to action for better deals. And you should not follow the same style and write-ups for your use.

9. Contrasting colors:

It is time for you to use some of the best contrasting colors, which can complement your lading page more. Make it more colorful and vibrant, but solely depending on your business type. For that, research about the company is mandatory.

10. Easy with links:

You have to be easy with the link placement in the landing pages. Make sure people get to click on their links, whenever they are in need of some. And if you are collaborating with other companies, then their links should be described. These must be added in the landing page, to be sure.

If you can create landing pages well, then half of your work is done. But, it is not that simple to get a picture-perfect landing page. You need to know more about the best experts, readily available over here, for a proper service. And their help with landing page will turn more cash for your business than usual.

Author Bio:-
Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs — a Web-design and Development Company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on online reputation Management,web design and web development.

Originally published at www.topseorankers.com on March 6, 2017.