How Tastemade uses Paste to manage and align their massive social media workflow.

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When we first conceived Paste, we envisioned a tool that would help teams work seamlessly together without the distractions of formatting or sharing file versions. While collaboration is at the core of Paste, we soon realized that ‘being collaborative’ is more than a destination.

For companies like Los Angeles-based media brand Tastemade, Paste has become an indispensable tool in the company’s content creation arsenal. Tastemade is a well-oiled machine that serves a global audience of over 250 million monthly active viewers and streams 2.5 billion views across major digital, mobile, and streaming platforms.

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Staging Instagram videos and posts. Check it out ›

A master of social media programming at scale, Tastemade keeps over 18 million Instagram followers engaged across three flagship properties — Tastemade, Tastemade Home and Tastemade Travel, along with eight international accounts — on an almost daily basis. “On Tastemade Home alone, we do about 30 Instagram Stories per month that are about 30 slides each,” says Casey Gerber, programming director of Home. …

With 100 employees and growing, learn how GitPrime uses Paste to keep teammates and stakeholders aligned and up to speed.

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One of the more elusive aspects in the customer life-cycle and one critical to a company’s long-term success is retention. The fleeting satisfaction of acquiring a new customer is quickly supplanted by the age-old business conundrum: The party’s started and guests are here, but how do you create an experience that makes people stay and tell their friends to swing by, too? It’s an evolving but worthwhile challenge for any company to keep pace with technological advances, societal shifts, cultural expectations, and the whims of human beings who, let’s face it, get plenty of party invitations.

So imagine our delight when Ben Thompson (Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of GitPrime) one of the OG users of our sketching app Paper, emerged as an early adopter of Paste! …

Grovemade makes beautiful, innovative items for the home and workspace. Here’s how they stay committed to delivering quality products while moving at ambitious speed.

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Ken Tomita is pressed for time. The co-founder and CEO of Grovemade, an innovative, Portland, Oregon-based woodworking company that makes beautiful, handcrafted items for our tech-centered lives, sends us a screencap of his calendar. He’s scheduled for back-to-back check-ins with design, production and engineering, he’s planning to call more customers (“I talked to fifteen people for 30 minutes each”), there are coaching sessions and project reviews. …

Hopscotch is making learning how to code fun for all kids. Here’s how Paste keeps the team and their ideas moving.

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As two women working in a male-dominated tech industry, Samantha John and Jocelyn Leavitt were no strangers to gender imbalance in their professional field. But they also knew that bias went deeper and began much earlier than most people realize. …

This is 2018. And yet, the most common way we create and share presentation decks is as follows: We make our presentations in software that was written 30 years ago. We then export it to a 25-year old format. And then we upload it to a service that hasn’t changed since it launched 12 years ago. What we end up with is a set of low-resolution images in a tiny letterboxed window that we have to squint to read surrounded by unnecessary borders and button bars we wish weren’t there for 294 individual pages.

Yet this is exactly how our most innovative thinkers must share their big ideas with the world. Let me remind you again that this is 2018. …

Showcase your best work.

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Drop Framer prototypes right into Paste for the most beautiful, interactive way to share designs.

We love prototyping.

Not so long ago, building a completely new kind of app like Paper required you to also build the design and prototyping tools you needed to see those concepts brought to life. For us it was a combination of Processing, openFrameworks, Arduino, and our own custom javascript-based prototyping platform. From Paper’s industry-defining inks to Pastes’s frames, we are able to invent new experiences using high-fidelity prototyping tools.

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A range of prototyping tools we’ve used at FiftyThree over the past 6 years.

Enter Framer.

Framer is a design & prototyping tool that helps you create anything for any platform. It’s the tool professional designers turn to when they feel the need to step off the well-trodden path of standard flows or transitions and create something no one has done before. Framer prototypes also smartly scale for every screen size from iOS to the web. Plus, there’s an undeniable honesty to designing in a tool based in the same medium of code that your application or website design will ultimately be built in. …

The fastest path from idea → prototype → strategy deck.

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Copy & paste to add Marvel prototypes directly to Paste slide.

The Rise of Rapid Prototyping

Marvel has been the simplest tool for anyone needing rapid design and prototyping for the last 5 years. They’ve proven that you don’t need professional design software to jump in and create an interactive app in just minutes that you can share and test with real people. You can even take photos of your hand-sketched ideas using their mobile app and transform them into interactive paper prototypes.

From Prototype to Strategy

Paste instantly turns your rapid prototypes into beautiful, presentable mockups and provides the space to tell your story be it your team strategy, feature proposal, product roadmap, or pitch deck. …

Paste™ with Frames

Device mockups are necessary but painful to work with.

Like many designers, we’ve long used high-fidelity device mockups in an effort to bring early ideas and designs to life. We’ve tried all the best ones. But they all fall short for similar reasons — they’re too much effort, painful to use for videos or animated gifs, often too detailed and distract from the design, and we’ve spent more money than I care to admit on them.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new feature for Paste called Frames…

Frames are smart filters that wrap any media inside beautiful, interactive mockups of a phone, tablet, laptop, or window.

Yet they do more than just make your work look good — they offer context. …

In the weeks since we launched Paste, we’ve been blown away at all of the creative teams picking it up for everything from design handoffs to research gathering. One of those teams is one we’ve long admired… Unsplash.

Unsplash has become the world’s best photography resource for creators with a collection of 400,000+ free, high-quality photos. We’ve long been fans and regular users of their growing collection and their shared love of things simple & beautiful.

So today, we’re excited to announce a partnership with Unsplash that brings amazing photography to Paste’s creative platform.

Now whenever you pull together a Paste deck and don’t have the right photo on hand, we’ve got you covered! It’s important to point out that this is not boring stock photography. These are real photos of real people, real places, beautiful backgrounds, abstract photos, minimal, white, blue, you name it, we’ve got it. …


Andrew S Allen

Head of Design & Product (US) at WeTransfer / Co-founder @fiftythree / Founder @shortoftheweek

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