How Tastemade uses Paste to manage and align their massive social media workflow.

With 100 employees and growing, learn how GitPrime uses Paste to keep teammates and stakeholders aligned and up to speed.

Grovemade makes beautiful, innovative items for the home and workspace. Here’s how they stay committed to delivering quality products while moving at ambitious speed.

Hopscotch is making learning how to code fun for all kids. Here’s how Paste keeps the team and their ideas moving.

Drop Framer prototypes right into Paste for the most beautiful, interactive way to share designs.

We love prototyping.

Not so long ago, building a completely new kind of app like Paper required you to also build the design and prototyping tools you needed to see those concepts brought to life. For us it was a combination of Processing, openFrameworks, Arduino, and our own custom…

Andrew S Allen

Head of Design & Product (US) at WeTransfer / Co-founder @fiftythree / Founder @shortoftheweek

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