My Mind On “Get Out

WTF? How was this movie allowed to…??? I had several WTF moments but the number one WTF moment was the music at the beginning of the movie, i read a Tweet from Scott Hanselman which behooved us to pay attention to the opening song and he was right. Your mind wanders a bit as the song plays, you’re not sure if you like the song, or if you’re caught trying to figure out what language they are singing in, or if you are already terrified!

My interpretation of the movie is, well let ‘s get this out of the way, there is no underlying message, or moral of the story etc. Yes on the surface, ignorant people will say “never trust white people” or something of the sort but as the movie will show, it’s not about race it’s about control, power, jealousy, envy and money…The regular evil shit. This movie is, in my humble opinion, a pure representation of experiences, feelings , facts, historical and yes, possibly alternative ones too, from the mind of Jordan Peele.

There are several things you cannot miss in this movie, if you fail to see them because you were distracted then you have probably missed a discrete moment of clarity. From the music, the artistic representation of a legendary and controversial psychological procedure, to the subtle revival of the bichameral mind theory , this movie is a masterpiece.

From left, Catherine Keener, Bradley Whitford, Allison Williams, Daniel Kaluuya and Betty Gabriel in “Get Out,” directed by Jordan Peele.Justin Lubin/Universal Pictures

Without giving away too much, let me just say that the two scariest black folks shown in all the previews had more than stellar performances,
but i have to give it to the girlfriend, her performance or should i say her nested performances were astonishing and quite frankly it felt terrifyingly like second nature to her? Stereotype?
hmmm maybe/no? I have never seen this actress, Allison Williams, on screen before. Denzel Washington was awarded two Oscars, one for playing a rembuctious former slave fighting in the union army (Glory) and the other for playing a typical corrupted gangster detective being puppeted by stealth, powerful older white men (Training Day). Sounds familiar? Ok let’s not go there but let’s keep it real.

I’m not stereotyping because i’m not in the handing out awards business, what i’m stating instead are well…facts. When an actor/actress can project themselves into a fictional character so much so that they can be prejudged in real life based on that portrayed character, then this person had a great performance. When an actor/actress can invoke the kind of compassion, fear, anguish, hate or loneliness that we might not ever have experienced but, somehow, surfaces during the course of a movie, then this person is an elite performer. Whether they are green, yellow black or white, let’s just render unto Cesar the things which are Cesar’s. This cast did a phenomenal job, i singled some people out but you will see why after you watch the movie because nothing is as it seems in the world of Peele.

I have no idea how Jordan Peele was able to conceptualize a movie which mixes the seriousness of the brainwashing, for personal or collective gain that has been going on for centuries, with the hilariously extreme fear and condescension that black people and some other minority groups have to live with in America everyday. Let me explain what i mean, actually i don’t have to, just watch any popular black comedy standup special from Richard Pryor to Chris Rock, they are not being facetious, au contraire, how else do you enlighten people if not by cleverly disguising your message, your truth or call to action in frivolous entertainment? #GetOut #zealots

Jordan Peele’s creativity for the plot twist is nothing short of genius because he manages to ask a question about…well let’s just say a question that sometimes we all ask ourselves concerning the motive behind all this obsessive need to control everything. But he also reveals what he thinks the answers are in a remarkably well executed screen play, as one of the characters put it, this was his pièce de résistance! Just be warned that the horror, the suffocating sorrow and the helplessness you will feel during particular moments in this movie can be emotionaly taxing and for some maybe very uncomfortable, but the jokes were so funny, it’s a good balance. Why i had to run home and write this down.

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