As nice as it would be to extend mobility to these groups, it is wildly irresponsible try to do so using a model that might require them to provide inputs to the vehicle (which they aren’t capable of doing or legally allowed to do)
One Weird Thing Everyone Gets Wrong About Autonomous Cars
Tim Sylvester

Unless I’ve misunderstood what you’re saying, I’d like to point out that many poor people are capable of and legally allowed to provide inputs to a vehicle!

That aside, fascinating stuff… Your point about ‘Level 4’ dropping the cost of transportation intrigues me. Will it drop the cost of transportation (to the end user), or will it drop certain costs, only to replace them with other costs? Will we instead pay ‘subscription costs’ to some monopoly, e.g. for things like cloud processing/local data updates, or anything to do with ‘network’ as you explore?

I don’t know the answer but if I had control over part of this market, and was highly motivated by profit (fortunately for the world, neither is the case), I know what I’d be thinking…

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