30 Ways to Make Money Online Without Any Investment [with 30 sites]

Technology is just incredible these days with everything at your hand or I should say finger tips you could possibly do anything you want to do if you have a internet connection. Internet is a beautiful creation it is not Web but it is a network of networks which simply means it is a network which is connected to other network and that other network to other network. Anyways enough about internet I will talk about it some other day, basically I’m saying that with internet it has become so much easier to connect to people which may not be in the same geographical region. Communication is another big thing when it comes to internet, but why I’ m talking about this I should be writing about ways to make money online believe me it will help you in order to make money online. Though anyone with a personal computer and access to an internet connection can make decent money online but that is not the case for most of us. The art of making money online is very hard to master it only comes with time and hard work. You may have heard about people saying hey you can make money online but how many of them will actually tell you the real ways to make money. Everyone in this planet (not everyone just humans) has a eager to make money working less or without any investment, everyone wants to be millionaire or those who are millionaire want to be billionaire, but it is not their fault we humans are designed like this. We want to make money but we don’t want to work hard or we don’t have the patience it requires to churn out the dollars. Some of you may say I work very very hard but i’m not able to make any money believe me you are not working that hard as you should be. The world is very competitive when it comes to money. If you really want to make money please dedicate the process some time and if you fail don’t complain. Just about every individual wants to make money but only some are able to successfully make money online, so how are they able to earn and not you… the reason is they are smart, they have patient, working every second and they believe in themselves. So if you want to make money online please keep in mind that it will take some time and require hard work from you. You will not be paid for just sleeping and clicking few links. If you have time and patient just follow the article and you should be able to make money online without any investments.

How To Make Money Online ?

To make money online I have compiled a list of best sites or ways through which you can make a decent income from home, typically some requires you to work for half an hour or some may take more than a hour. It depends on how focused you are that will determine your earnings.

  • Make Money by Clicking Ads, Viewing Videos.

The method of clicking ads and viewing videos has been the simplest method to earn money online without any investment, you don’t need any skills just follow the simple instructions and start earning money but the problem with this method is that the competitions is very high so initially you will not be able to earn much the initial prices for clicking an ad can vary from $0.0012 to $0.0001 and same for videos though you can choose from varied length videos. There are so many sites but here are 5 best I personally prefer :

  1. Clixsense : One of the best site I have seen this site has a wide range of methods to earn money, you just need to find what suits you best from taking surveys to playing games, just start with this site if you want to really earn money.
  2. BUXP : Another cool site with lots of potential for daily users who have a daily access to internet connection, here you can watch videos, make money for small works, like and comment on Youtube/ Vimeo videos and other cool stuffs.
  3. Neobux : This site does not have videos but has decent amount of ads to click, also you can do some small works to earn few bucks. For each ad you will be paid $0.001.
  4. InboxDollars : Here you can earn by taking surveys, watching TV and videos, searching the web and if there is a $5 bonus on signing up. You will definitely have some decent income if you work daily. though you will be paid less but slowly you will more and more.
  5. Paidverts : Yet another PTC site where you can make money by clicking ads, though it has suspicion of being a scam. The ads will be refreshed daily and the site has some amazing ways to earn bonus points.
  • Make Money by Completing Surveys.

If you want to earn more generally when you take surveys you will be paid more than clicking ads or watching videos. But surveys are not for everyone you should be eligible to take surveys, they will require your personal information, and you must trust them. Never fill wrong information because you may get banned or you will not be able to earn.

  1. Swagbucks : A trustworthy site here you can earn from watching videos, playing games and searching the web. It is a very reliable site and some people are earning around $3 — $4 in just 10 minutes of surveys. You can also redeem your points in exchange of gift cards.
  2. Toluna : This site is basically a moderator between its user and companies they provide companies platform and in turn users take surveys designed by these companies and earn money. It may take surveys some long time but you will be rewarded with vouchers, free products.
  3. Valued Opinions : It is a bit hard to get surveys here as they will sen you the surveys based on your location and profile you have set up. Each survey range from 10–30 minutes and you can earn $5 gift vouchers which you can redeem from Amazon, Nike Digital Card, & iTunes Gift Code.
  4. Vivatic : This site is also popular where surveys range from 15–30 minutes and other than this you can also do some small jobs like data entry, writing or researching. The site offers various job opportunities such as answer questions, writing reviews, proof reading to easily make money along side surveys.
  5. Hiving : It is an online consumer paneling service that allows users to make money by completing the surveys, here you get hiving points for each survey you complete. Here 1000 hiving points = 1 pound, after 4000 points you will be able to exchange it.
  • Make Money by Affiliate Marketing Or AdSense.

Affiliate Marketing is the most difficult way to make money online, if you don’t know about affiliate marketing check out my post on Affiliate Marketing. Chances are most of you know about AdSense, it is a google product through which you can make money with your blog, yes you need to have a blog or a YouTube channel to make money through AdSense. If you want to create a blog check out my post on how to make a free blog. Not only this you should have quality content and good number of posts in order for AdSense to approve your application. Though there are some other sites that allow you to place ads in your blog other than AdSense.

  1. AdSense : The most widely used platform for making money with blogs and YouTube, here you will get paid based on clicks on those ads or from traffic that your blog generates (1000 views/ day). The minimum balance in order for you to withdraw is $100.
  2. Clickbank : One of the best sites where several affiliate marketers search for products that are available for monetizing, the site offers wide range of products to make money with some of them are not available elsewhere.
  3. ShareASale : Another affiliate marketing network where you can make money by referring products from merchants and earn small commissions. This site is also very popular and you should only use this site if you have a strong viewers base.
  4. Chitika : It does not contain wide variety of products but it is useful for small blogs which does not want to choose from variety of products. The site will provide you some code based on ad sizes just paste it in your blog and enjoy.
  5. CJ affiliate : Use your best niche targeted blog to make money with this affiliate network especially designed for bloggers, here you will earn money based on CPA (Cost Per Action) that is whenever someone signs a form, register, and buys a product.
  • Make Money by Working Online (Freelancing)

Freelancing is a way of earning money from the comfort of your home, you just want to find what your niche is and then you will start earning money easily by this method. If you are truly a master of your niche and have a nice background in your niche you will easily make from $10-$100 per projects. The demand for freelancers is also increasing day by day as companies don’t want to hire temporary workforce they look for skilled freelancers who can easily do the job in this they save significant amount of cost. There are so many sites which offer freelancing services here are some of the best.

  1. Upwork : One of the best sites to find work online, here you can find any type of work you are interested in also you can hire someone to work for you. With hundreds of job categories to choose from you can probably make some decent money from this site alone. Prices can vary depending the type of project you are working with as low $10 or as high as $200 or $300.
  2. Freelancer : With over million of projects to choose from, this site constantly add more and more projects, if you are experienced in the type of work you have no problem in making some cash out of this site. The site allows you to showcase your designs, or works and then based on bids you will be paid.
  3. Guru : Another most widely used site showcase your hard work, let clients know what you are capable of and if they find your job profile suitable for work you may get into a job offer. Also possibilities are endless here with thousands of hundreds of services to work in.
  4. 99designs : A very good site for freelance designers, if you are a designer this site is for you here you have services like Logo Design, Book Cover Design, Website Design, T-Shirt Design and other designing related work. If you are experienced designer you will easily make some high value cash from one project only.
  5. Fiverr : Fiverr is a amazing way of earning some money online, the services here are called gigs and for each gigs you get $5. The process of getting someone to hire you is very difficult as compared to all other listed because you have to rank good in search results to be able to get clients to view your gigs and order them. Fiverr is very challenging for just starting out freelancers but as you progress you can easily make money here.
  • Some Miscellaneous Ways to Make Money Online + A Bonus Way

With so many sites listed if you still don’t want to try these sites here are 10 miscellaneous sites that will definitely make you some money by working online for few hours or less.

  1. Sell on Amazon : One of the best online marketplace is offering you to sell your own products at their platform, grab the opportunity and start making money by selling custom products that people will go crazy about, the process is very simple just signup and whenever a customer order a product Amazon will get some commission and you have to ship the product through by yourself or you can take help from Amazon to ship it for you (with extra charges).
  2. Sell on ebay : Another site with so many daily visitors you may start making some money in no time, the process of selling is no different then Amazon, just sign in and click on Sell and now take some photographs of the item that you wish to sell and upload and list it. You may have to use e-bay labels to ship products.
  3. Kolotibablo : The site offers a very simple task of solving captchas, the site is very user friendly and if you successfully completed all the 1000 captchas you will get paid. Don’t just experiment with this site or you may get banned.
  4. mTurk : Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing internet marketplace where you can easily earn some money by doing small jobs like researching, describing images, transcribe, and so on, these jobs are also called HITs.
  5. Sell images : You can make money using images you own or you have created (Vector art or illustrations), Shutterstock is global marketplace for selling and buying quality images. The images you sell here should be your and you should own the copyright, after you sell and image you still own the copyright and get 30% of the price.
  6. Sell notes : If you’re a student or professor then you can make some money by selling your personal notes to help other students who are unable to attend college, Nexusnotes is a great site here you can sell or buy notes made by other students, though it only available in UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand.
  7. Sell Music Online : This is really cool for singers out there who wish to sell there own songs online but are unable to, this site will help you make money with songs and distribute it all over the world though you will be charged a fee.
  8. Sell Books : if you are a habitual writer and wanted your book to sell use the best marketplace to start selling it, Amazon is the global marketplace for selling goods be it music, clothes, electronics or books. Use Amazon to publish and make your book available on Kindle or Print it.
  9. Sell Mobile Apps : Nowadays everyone is getting the hang of mobile apps they want to make mobile apps and with online resources the community is growing day by day, just make an app and upload zip file containing the source code, and then make a product page for selling it.
  10. iWriter : This one requires some writing skills as content writing is not everyone’s cup of tea, write articles, blog posts, and make money easily. Some articles require range from 500 -1000 words to successfully payout.
  11. Domain Flipping : Domain flipping is a cool way to make huge money by just working for some time a week, here you find a domain and buy it, then modify it and improve it later on you sell it. This can be confusing for some but if you are a web developer or experienced blogger you can easily make money through this method. But be sure to buy good authority sites. The site will help you buy and sell domains very convenient for you.

That was a long long list, I have discussed all the major ways through which you can possibly make money online without any investment if anyone helped you earn money please make sure to comment or if any other method you are using to make money online please make sure to comment that too.

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