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So here is a situation you’re in. You just built a really cool blogging app using the latest and greatest JavaScript framework. You scaffold the application using Nuxt.js, build the components using Vue.js and use Vuex for state management. On the back-end side, you create an API using Node.js, FeathersJS and Express. Your back-end serves the blog post data to your front-end through an API.

Before pushing your code to a server, you decide to test whether everything is working correctly. Your Vue app is running at http://localhost:3000 while the API server is running at http://localhost:8000. You visit http://localhost:3000 in your web browser and you notice a bug. No data has been loaded from the API! …

HyperText Transfer Protocol is one of the fundamentals of the internet. Every web developer, even front-end developers should at least have a basic understanding of what HTTP is. It is the mechanism which enabled computers talk to each other over the internet. It defines the format in which messages are passed on the internet. It is absolutely necessary for every web developer.


Okay, so the internet began as a government project of the US around the 1960s-80s and reached commercial adoption around the 1990s. The internet is a huge interconnected web of computers. Each computer is assigned a unique address known as an IP address (e.g. …

I get many clients that want me to simply build a small widget/pricing table/calculator for their website. The beauty of widgets is that they are completely independent of the platform they are running on. My client could be using WordPress, Wix, Drupal, Django or any back-end/front-end framework for that matter and all I have to do is deliver a small HTML file which will contain the CSS and JavaScript necessary for it to function.

But that’s where things get interesting. The tricky part is to write CSS and JavaScript such that it doesn’t conflict with or override any of the functionality of the client’s website. …


Muhammad Osama Arshad

Full-Stack software developer at Arbisoft. Writes about his experiences at

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