About Me

I am a Mass Communication student at the University of Texas at Tyler. Before I became a Mass Communication major, I was a Computer Information Systems major, because I was interested in making video games during my senior year of high school. I later changed my major when I took an interest test at the Career Service on campus and found out that Mass Communication was the right major for me, and after one semester, I decided officially that Mass Communication is my major. While I was in my classes I have enjoyed producing videos in my Intro to Media Production class, and graphic designing in my Media Design & Production class. During my sophomore year of high school I found out about Photoshop and became interested in it, and during my junior year I began to teach myself a little on how to use it, and eventually I was able to learn more about Photoshop and the different programs by Adobe in my Media Design class. I have been covering on campus news in my Writing for Mass Media class during my spring 2016 class, with Twitter, Storify, and LinkedIn, I expect to do more news publishing activities in my Media Writing and Storytelling class for Fall 2016. I have started a blog in my Intro to Media Production class, but I will be using this blog for a separate class this semester. I am currently trying to get better at drawing, and I have been drawing more often than before. I hope to cover news regarding on campus activities at the University of Texas at Tyler and perhaps current events.

Different sites where you can find me:

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