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Asana’s mission is to help teams be more effective at achieving their goals. But our work doesn’t stop with our product — it extends to every team, including our culinary team.

The culinary team is one of the most visible examples of internal effectiveness at Asana. …

I’m sure we’ve all felt the frustration of explaining something clearly to a coworker (or so we thought), only to see them furrow their eyebrows in confusion. We’ve all disagreed with teammates at some point, or felt like we weren’t getting the constructive feedback we needed. This is what happens when communication falls flat, through the gaps, or goes straight over our heads — and it’s far too easy to do.

Fortunately, effective communication in the workplace is a skill we can learn and master like any other. These seven articles can help.

7 questions you should ask to develop effective communication at work

By Wavelength

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It’s not news that being an attentive listener is just as important for effective communication as being an articulate speaker. One simple way to improve your listening skills in work conversations is asking questions. …

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This story originally appeared in the Asana blog.

We all want to get more done, but the same solution doesn’t work for everyone. Figuring out how to schedule your day to help you maximize your output is the first step toward being more productive.

Here are some workday hacks you can try to ensure you’ll breeze through your small and big projects.

1. Create a no meeting day

Block off an entire day (or a half day) every week for no meetings. This works particularly well if you can get your entire company or even just your team on board.

Having a full day free from meetings allows both managers and non-managers to get into their flowzone and tackle the big projects that often get interrupted other days of the week. Once you implement a no meeting day, you’ll find that it will become your most productive day of the week, and will reduce your stress level on other days when you can’t find a block of time to focus on your work. …



Asana stands for teams. Our platform helps you orchestrate your work, from small projects to strategic initiatives so you can accomplish your biggest goals.

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