Origins: The one and only Alex!

Author: Lisa

When I met Alex the first time, we connected over the fact that we had both taken a Yoga Teacher Training in the same place in India. She’d gone there on a whim and so had I and over the years of getting to know her, I feel like we’ve got the same kind of intuition about things when it comes to choosing a direction. Now don’t get me wrong, we’re not always into the same type of things, but when it comes to making decisions and testing things out, we could both drop everything for the right thing and go that direction tomorrow if needed. This is something great about her that I really appreciate.

The other day I asked Betti, knowing that I had the task of blogging about Alex, what she thought I should write about. We discussed camping and forests for a while, but then she wrote this:

Betti: “I was thinking of something like escaping to the nature. The feeling of freedom. The feeling of being part of something bigger than us. Not about camping, that I don’t know at all :D”

I think Betti has a point here when it comes to our lovely colleague; that Alex possesses this wonderful ability to make us feel like we are part of something bigger than us, that we can grow and expand into another dimension if we really want to and that’s quite mindblowing.

You know that thing that happens, when you return home from an adventure, a trip abroad or a walk in the forest or just a simple sunshiny afternoon visit to a particularly quaint little coffee shop that miraculously made you a latte with oat milk? That feeling, that you want to share and explain into the smallest detail to make others who weren’t there with you, understand both the beauty and importance of your discovery.

I really think Alex has these discoveries all the time, in even the smallest things, and she’s pretty amazing at sharing them when she wants you to be part of it.

Now, I think this blog turned into a sort of homage to Alex, but that’s great because she would never allow us to go all the way here if the three of us were speaking. But there’s a reason for it as well because starting next week, Alex will be starting to co-host our podcast with me every Monday, isn’t that exciting news?!

So here’s to Alex, a great colleague, and friend, and here’s to podcasts, and blogs and yoga, and everything under the moon growing into another dimension of awesomeness!




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