Grow & Give…or Die

During the the road to success it’s very easy to feel content, especially when you’ve reached a high level, or maybe even a ‘world class’ level at your craft.

At that point, you become satisfied. Satisfied with a certain amount of money, a certain amount of sex, a certain amount of luxury, a certain amount of anything.

That is the moment you stop growing.

Growth only comes once you’re committed to something LARGER than yourself.

As human beings we’re designed to GROW…or DIE.

It’s a never ending quest to grow into the strongest version of yourself. But the most substantial and meaningful growth will come from projecting your own knowledge and experience onto others to help them lead better lives.

Make a decision to change not only you’re own life for the better. But of the lives around you. Try and touch one person, just 1 person is all it takes. Then inspire 2, then 10…100…1000…1,000,000.

In life the only thing that makes us feel fully alive is growing and giving.

You see, maybe only 10 people will read this.

But if I can touch the soul and heart of just one of them, I will be okay.

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