Life Is Inherently Meaningless

One of the greatest gifts that we have been given is that life is meaningless.

What this means is that no situation, no circumstance — NOTHING, actually has built in meaning to it. The world around us is all inherently neutral and devoid of any meaning.

It is only until we give it meaning does it automatically influence; unconsciously or consciously, the effect we will receive out of a situation.

All circumstances are fundamentally neutral and serve as a double edged sword. We can either create a negative or a positive out of any situation. Whatever outcome we respond with is simply a reflection of our own mind state. Which in turn is solely determined by what energy vibration, attitude, belief system and definition we assign to that situation.

Understand: You have the control and power to gift yourself a self-constrictive attitude or a self-destructive attitude.

No matter anyone else’s intention in any given moment that might be toward you, if you assign only a positive meaning to that given same circumstance than you will only receive a positive output and effect out of that circumstance no matter what anyone else experiences.

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