Question Everything

As children and even adults we are indoctrinated into certain ways of thinking and acting. It’s natural to the unobservant mind to think normal of these occurrences, but it is far from normal to a perceptive critical mind. So many of us ride the wave of life without questioning why something is. Instead, we blindly accept so many fallacies without any rhyme or reason, mindlessly accepting these habits others have influenced upon us.

To be truly great you have to be different. You have to be in the top 1%. You have to QUESTION EVERYTHING.

We live in a society where rarely do you hear honest questions without an agenda. Most people question through argument ad hominem. This is a blinding closed minded way of thinking.

So when you question…

Question with boldness, even the very existences of GOD! There’s nothing bigger to question than god. There’s nothing more damming than saying

‘I don’t know if you even exist!’

Question with boldness. Don’t be meek.

Question the ultimate authority.

Question everything and turn over every stone.


Would you rather believe in something for fear of the unknown or ask honest questions to discover that unknown and find your own meaning?

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