The Difference Between Girl & Woman

In everything I’ve learnt through studying human behavior, relationships and women I’ve noticed this:

Women who are confident within their own bodies and sexuality have the potential to be the most powerful women on earth. From my perspective, if a woman can can turn the most vulnerable part of herself into a fearless triumph of societal expectations and pressures than they can do almost anything.

I often see young women labelled in certain ways for freely expressing themselves within the realm of sexual desire. These women are expressing themselves through provocative behavior and are often demonized for it. I say provocative deliberately, because here’s the thing…it’s not provocative until we as a society label it proactive. I am purposely not mentioning any of the labels given to women to not grant them any weight or power. I believe these labels were created to enforce some type of control over supposedly outlandish behavior that a group of people thought wasn’t right.

To have your life dictated by someones else’s expectations of what you should and should not do is a path to failure in my opinion.

But it goes beyond the realm of sexuality. I notice the most powerful and happy women as the ones who know exactly who they are and why they are. They have created an identity that is based upon their own ideals, solely for their own benefit and they have embraced that. They don’t care who sais what about what they should or should not do. These are the most powerful women on earth and I strive to surround myself with those women. The best part about this type of person is that it’s a contagious energy that you can sense immediately.

If a women wants to sleep with a guy who fits within her own moral code she lives by, than who are you to care whether someone thinks that’s right or wrong? What if it was a rule to not have restrictions on personal experiences and sleep with any guy she feels comfortable with whenever she wants. I hope that is exactly what she should do. But she obviously has to be aware and okay with the societal consequences that may arise. Which is understandably why the above example is rarely ever vocalized by women.

Fearlessness and power are not governed by timidity and second guessing. They are unattractive qualities that will only hinder your ability to find wealth in this life. No ones cares about what you do, they’re to busy worrying about themselves and what other people think of them. So get out of your own head and live the way you desire.

Here’s a truth about myself:

I have not had sex with a lot of women.

I could give a number of reasons why but one really important one is: I would much rather be romantically involved with a women who is confident and accepting of her mind and body.

I would much rather be intimate with someone who is confident and free within their own body and mind. I can confidently assume that the majority of women haven’t tapped into what they truly desire. But don’t get it twisted, I would say the same for men. Many of my gender have issues with vulnerability, sensuality and commitment. So it goes both ways.

At the end of the day, if you see yourself as a respectful confident woman, than shouldn’t you strive to surround yourself with respectful confident men that empower your heart, mind and soul?

Reflecting and making small amendments on this piece 1 year later I can see this was written from a place of frustration. It is rare for me to write on subjects like these but I am curious to hear what others thought on this piece. Please comment if did or even didn’t like it :)

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