My Career

Before I started this course I had no idea what I wanted to do after high school. I didn’t know what I wanted to study. The only thing I thought I would do was what the rest of my family has done: go to university. But now that I have done this course I have a much better iinsight of what I want to do. Only after the first few day I learned about my learning skills,my motivation and my learning style. The learning skills I am best at are collaboration, self regulation and responsibility. I think that this makes me well suited for University as there is a lot of independence but you also must collaborate with classmates because there is a lot of work. I looked at colleges and apprenticeships but I realized that my learning style is not hands on and that learning style is much more frequent in apprenticeships and slightly more frequent in college. I realized that university suited me the most because I liked the idea of a massive learning space and I liked the idea of more freedom and independence. I realized that my skills and my learning style work well in a university environment. I want to enter university now not because it’s a family tradition but because I know it will be the best option for me.

Another important aspect of this course was finding my career clusters. While this part of the course can be overlooked I think it was one of the most important things for me. Without taking these tests on career cruising I would never know what I’m interested in. I eventually realized my career clusters were arts and culture, law and government, and science and engineering. I then furthered these fields down to specific careers that would suit my interests. After giving some thought to it, the ones I were most interested in were the social science careers, like one’s in sociology, economics, and political science. I’m not completely sure which one I want but I know I want to go to iniversity to find out. After university I would like to get a job in one of those careers and try to improve my career over time.

The reasons I have got to this conclusion about my career is because of some of the things in this course. One of the big projects in this course that made understand myself better was the passport. I finally realized my skills and strengths. It made me realize the thing I’m good at. I realized it would be hard to do a job if I don’t have the skills for. I started looking at careers with a different perspective. I looked at the skills you needed for the job, not what field the job was in. I also looked at jobs I already liked and saw if I had the skills for them. The passport helped me narrow down my list of careers. Before I had careers like middle school teacher or professor, ones that involved teaching. But since I realised I’m not very good at teaching and I already have trouble presenting in front of people, I understood that those careers were not for me. I liked the social science courses more because those involved researching and presenting information through writing, skills that I realized I’m good at.

The other project that made me understand myself better, that pushed me towards these choices was my resiliency test. I realized I was pretty resilient in many things. I have made a plan to improve the only things I did bad on, insightfullness and sense of humor. I feel that because my resilient and flexibility level is high, I will be able to handle university. I now think I will be able to adapt to the problems and obstacles that may appear in University. Some of these problems are an overwhelming amount of coursework and little money.

After doing these projects I began to research more about my pathway. I went on university websites to see the whether they offered my program and what the benefits and requirement were I checked the future job prospects of my career choices. I looked at scholarships and bursaries that could help me on my pathway. I then went back to see if there was another pathway I could take if something goes really wrong. I saw college programs that could help me if I didn’t get into university and I

Due to this course I have learned a lot more about myself and my individual pathway plan. I know now that I want to study a social science course at university and try to get a bachelor and perhaps a masters in a specific social science course. I have a list of my skills, my career clusters and my resume. I understand where I want to go and what I want to do in my career but I know that it could change. If it does, I can always go back to my IPP and look at my career clusters and my skills. I know that I have many other options if I change my mind.

Adam Sanger’s Abstract Project for Careers course

This is my abstract project for GLC20

Adam Sanger